Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rangers Funk, Now A Slide

The Ranger funk is now a slide, 2-6-2, a slide that could easily turn into a tail spin. Has the loss of Stepan and Klein caused this? If you saw any of the previous three western Canada games, as I did, you saw a little bit of everything bad. No show and listless in the Vancouver game, poor team defense vs Edmonton and Calgary, plus a pulled goalie against the Oilers.

Did I say poor coaching also? Of course when you play listless, who is too blame, but the coaching staff. When a defensive unit with the veterans the Rangers have play little league hockey where are the adjustments by the staff/ Did you see the minor league gaffes by Yandle and Girardi that led to Calgary goals? All signs of a team off their games, out of sync and in disarray.

The Rangers need to go back to basics. Tighten up the defense and stop the reckless pinching by the D-men. Stop juggling the lines during the game. Get a set group and stick with it. Put Kevin Hayes back at center and leave him there for an entire game. Give more ice time to Dominic Moore and the fourth line. Get back to tough fore checking and tight checking all over the ice.

Goaltending? It will straighten out. It usually does with Lundqvist in the net. But please, protect him from the clutter around the net. The D-men have to turn this slide around. Toughness, responsible puck control and protection of our goalie will turn this around. Of course the coaching staff may do nothing, but change the pieces around and then the slide will continue. Stay tuned, Christmas is coming.

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