Saturday, May 30, 2015

R. I. P.

After it ended, number one son looked at me with that dazed look. "These are the Rangers," I said to him. No other explanation was necessary. Look it up. One Stanley Cup in 70 years. It's more years of mediocrity and frustration than there is in success. Think of a bigger game than this since that 1994 Cup and think about as dismal a performance as you saw last night.

Did anyone besides Henrik Lundqvist show up? Possibly Ryan McDonagh with a broken bone in his foot. You would think that would have stirred the troops. Nada. How could that have stirred the troops? Did you see the coach?  Did you see his press conference? It was no big deal, just another game. The guy was again outcoached. He should be fired. Isn't there a guy out there who fits between this guy and Tortorella?

Also, I think it is time the Stealth retired. Let him win the GM of the year award and then send him back to Edmonton. We need youth in the GM and coaches spot. We need new ideas from the GM and we need a coach who can be flexible on the fly and be one step ahead, not behind, his coaching rival.

There was the blabber after the game from analysts and talk show hosts how the Rangers are a player or two away from a championship team. Hey, didn't we do that recently? Isn't Nash the scorer we desperately needed and wasn't Yandle the power play specialist who would lead us to the promised land? And wasn't St. Louis the seasoned vet, with a Cup, supposed to be our guiding light? I thought that this was the championship team.

BTW, if any of these comments are new to any of you, go back in the files, go back over the seasons and you will see it's the same old shit. It is always we need one or two guys, then we get them, and then it's the same. It's in the genes and basically comes from the top. How do you come out flat in a game seven? How do you win the President's Trophy and then lose three out of four on your home ice, two of them shutouts? How are you the coach of this and don't have any ideas during the game to change things?

So now the PR campaign to let the Ranger fans know that the team had a successful year and is only a legitimate scorer away. Nash had 42 goals in the season. Isn't that a legitimate scorer? Oh, goes the line, we need a scorer who can score on his own. On his own? Sorry guys, Gretzky is retired. Gotta sell the tickets for next year. Gotta get the suckers to buy into the most expensive seat in town. Get ready for another revival of the '94 Cup Team. Hey, that's a thought. Messier for GM and Graves, Leetch as coaches. At least we have some fire and not business as usual.

So, it's the same ending at the end of the year. Unless we change at the top we will have the same endings for years to come. The fish stinks from the head and this story is getting fishier and fishier. 2015 game seven for the Eastern Conference title shall live in infamy as the worst big game the Rangers ever played. I only absolve two people from the disaster: Lundqvist and McDonagh. And I damn the coaching staff and The Stealth GM for the no show performance.

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's The Big One, Elizabeth!

Aaah, game seven. What's more exciting? Nerve-wracking? Nail biting? There have been many great game sevens in Ranger history. Remember 1994? That series had two great seven's. The all-time great game seven against the Devils. Matteau! Matteau! Matteau! Then the Cup against the Canucks. However, there will always be that infamous April 23rd, 1950, game seven against the Red Wings. 'Bones' Raleigh hits the crossbar and Peter Babano comes back and the Red Wings win the Cup in double overtime. I can still hear the clank, most disappointing. As Lou Costello often said, "sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose."

This may be the biggest game seven in Ranger history. The Rangers lose this one and 2014-15 will be the biggest flop year in Rangers history, IMHO. Let's face it, this team was built to win the Cup. No consolation prizes like the President's Trophy. This game is a must to shoot for the Cup. It won't be easy.

Yes, we are at home, but have lost two of three to the Lightning in this round. Remember we also lost three out of three to Tampa in the regular season, including two at MSG. So Tampa is 4-1 at MSG this year. Last game at the garden we were shut out 2-0 by Ben Bishop. So, who are the odds with?

Forget that we have won 15 of the last 18 elimination games. Forget that Lundqvist is 7-7 in the last elimination games. This all goes out the window. It's one game. Its one big game by two teams that have taken turns beating the brains out of one another. The Ranger crowd could be over whelming and cause too much of a hype. Could, but shouldn't.

It should be a classic. Our edge, if there is one, is Lundqvist. He has risen to the occasion so many times. Does he have one more big one in him? I think so and he remains our hope. So positive thoughts and Let's Go Rangers!

It's the big one Elizabeth!


Rangers-Lightning Game 7 Is Hottest — And Priciest — Ticket In Town --
The get-in price — in other words, the cheapest ticket available — for Friday night’s Game 7 between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning is currently $519.95 on

“It’s the most expensive non-cup final game,” Chris Leyden of SeatGeek told WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell. “It’s a hot ticket.” ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ECF Game 6: Blueshirts Blitz Bolts, 7-3

If I were the Rangers I would petition the NHL to play the seventh game in Tampa. We all know the Rangers have the best road record in the NHL, but look at the results in Tampa. We have won two out of three and have out scored Tampa 17-10. Our third period blitz, out scoring Tampa 5-2, was a thing of beauty. Had it happened in the Garden we would need a new round of renovations.

The third period blitz is a highlight film all its own. The Rangers were relentless. To me the goal of the game was the 4th. The fourth line of Moore, Glass and Sheppard were outstanding. They must have kept the puck in the Tampa zone for about two minutes culminating with a Sheppard goal in front of the net. In front of the net. Wow! The Rangers spent most of their time in front of the net, in front of Tampa goalie Ben Bishop. Bishop may have seen more rubber than the plantation owners in Malaysia.

The line of Brassard, Nash and Miller was all world. Five goals, thirteen points. Brassard, three goals, two assists. Nash and Miller, a goal and three assists each. Of course, there was Lundqvist. 36 saves and again winning when the Rangers were at the brink of elimination. Facing elimination 18 times the Rangers have won 15. Talk about Houdini.

The clan was texting all night and the biggest comment centered on Steven Stamkos cheap shot on McDonagh. When the Rangers retaliated, two, Kreider and Stepan, were sent off. What is it with the NHL refs, always protecting the stars? Stamkos has the potential to be the next Sid Crosby, in more ways than one.

So now it's another showdown in the Garden for the right to go to the Cup finals. Maybe we can't play in Tampa, but how about wearing the road whites?

Nash gives Hank the Broadway hat for game 6 win

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