Friday, April 11, 2014

Rangers Clinch Second in Metro

It wasn't pretty but two points and a win is a win, especially when it clinches a top playoff spot, 2nd place in the Metro. How bad was it? The Rangers took 18 shots in the second period and it wasn't until  the last one at 19:29 that they scored, Pouliot, 15th, to tie the game. Buffalo had one shot in the second period, by Stafford, and guess what? He scored. In the third period the Rangers got all of three shots and one by Nash off of a nifty feed by St. Louis was the game winner, Nash's 26th. The Rangers out shot the Sabres 30-24, Lundqvist and some guy named Hackett dueling it out. Lundqvist is 33-24-5 and Hackett is 1-5-1.

The Rangers gave the shirts off their backs to their loyal fans. I thought they were going to do it for the Sabres. I had that privilege one year getting the shirt of Michael Nylander, real cool. Nylander played 160 games for the Rangers and had 49 goals, 113 assists for 162 points. Not too shabby, a point a game guy. Of course, it helped that he had a winger by the name of Jaromir Jagr on his side.  No such luck this year, but St. Louis and Nash are making a stab at it.

So one more regular season game at The House of Horrors and Talbot should be in the net. However, the big news for the Rangers will be when The Big Mac returns and will it be full board. And hopefully Chris Kreider might be back. We need both of them and for St. Louis to resurrect. Should be an interesting playoff season and thanks to Anonymous and jb for straightening me out on the seedings.

Let's Go Rangers!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Prepping For The Playoffs

The Rangers as is their wont, smacked their patsies, the Carolina Hurricanes around, for a 4-1 victory in preparation for an opening round game, either against Tampa Bay or possibly Montreal, depending on their position. Exploding for two power play goals by Brad Richards, 19, 20th, the Rangers broke a 5-52 power play drought. They also may have finally unleashed Martin St. Louis, who had three assists. Stepan and Pouliot were the other goal scorers. Lundqvist was good again, named number three star, St. Louis, number two and Brad Richards number one and there I have named my obligatory five players.

The Rangers have two games left to solidify their spot against bottom feeder Buffalo at home Thursday and then it's on to the House of Horrors against Les Habs. It will be interesting to see whether Lundqvist gets a break, possibly against Buffalo, or AV decides to go with The King the rest of the regular season into the playoffs. The Rangers are going into the playoff with all cylinders clicking. AV went back to using four lines and that is when the Rangers are at their best, rotating four lines.

Two big question marks remain and that is the two injured players, Ryan "Big Mac" McDonagh and Chris, The Krasher, Kreider. Both are possible for the playoffs and darn it, I now have named seven players. I'm still concerned about our overall toughness entering the playoffs, but my buddy, my wine dealer, tells me that issue won't come up until we face the big, bad Bruins in the Eastern Region finals. Now that is confidence.

Meanwhile I will return to anonymity waiting for the puck to drop on the first playoff game, hopefully at MSG.