Thursday, July 30, 2009

Know Your NY Ranger Greats

Who is this New York Ranger Great?

First one to post the correct answer in the comments claims bragging rights this week as a NY Rangers expert par excellence. Sorry, again no hints, no Google.

update: a few more pictures of this NY Ranger Great, one when he was much older.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In-Staaling the Cup in Thunder Bay

Two of the four Staal brothers have had a day with the Cup. Will nature stay in balance and the trend continue? Hopefully, yes.

Jordan and the Stanley Cup sharing a moment outside the Nor West Arena where he and his brothers played minor hockey.Hockey Hall of Fame:
Stanley Cup Journal --

The Staal family is as close to a contemporary version of the sensational Sutter success as you will find in today's NHL. Jordan is the third eldest of four hockey-mad Staal boys from Thunder Bay. Eric, the oldest, is a fixture at forward with the Carolina Hurricanes, and gave the family its first taste of Stanley Cup success in 2006. Marc mans the blueline for New York's Rangers, and is second in line among the Staals. Youngest brother Jared was drafted by the Phoenix Coyotes in 2008.

Jordan was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins, and debuted in black, gold and white as an 18-year-old in 2006-07. The grizzled veteran, all of 21 now, is at the foundation of the exciting, young Penguins' squad that took the Stanley Cup this year.

On Monday, July 20, Jordan, girlfriend Heather and Jordan's Mom Linda met the Stanley Cup at the Thunder Bay International Airport. Together, they drove Jordan's reward for an extraordinary season to the family home...

Doppelgängers: Sean Avery & Lance Armstrong?

We posted this on Twitter:

Sean Avery (left), Lance Armstrong (right)Don't you think that Sean Avery resembles a younger Lance Armstrong? Other similarities?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Know Your NY Ranger Greats

Who is this New York Rangers great?Who is this New York Ranger Great?

First one to post the correct answer in comments gets the glory of becoming a deputy "Ranger Pundit." But sorry we ain't got no stinkin' badges. And no hints, no Google.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did Torts Pick Lisin?

The Stealth GM just might be being guided by Torts in his selection of talent. If so, then perhaps there is hope for this team. One clue that suggests this is taking place is the trade of Korpikoski for Enver Lisin. Korpikoski will be a fine player, but is more in the defensive model of Tom Renney or, for that matter, whomever the Devils put in as coach. He will have a fine NHL career with a nice plus-minus and 15-20 odd goals every year. He was not what this team needs. Lisin, however, just might become something special.

Prospect Enver LisinI quote from an NHL prospect profile:

"Lisin is a talented two-way forward with a huge offensive upside and a significant defensive upside. The young forward was more than likely the fastest forward eligible for the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. He is fully capable of developing into a top line forward in the NHL. He’s an amazing skater, who’s a good finisher, has a great wrist shot, is very precise and has a deceivingly quick release."
Torts likes the speed game. The Rangers need a speedy scoring threat on every line to do that. Could it be that Lisin is exactly what the doctor ordered?

1. The top goal scorers in the NHL now seem to come from the left side. Last season, seven of the top ten goal scorers played on left wing.

2. Paul Mara just signed with Montreal. He will be missed. He gave us his heart and soul, and played well.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gabby And The Goon

The Stealth's run continued yesterday with the fabulous signing of Marian Gaborik, sniper extrodinaire, and then splashed with the signing of the ultimate Goon of Hockey, Donald Brashear. Win some, lose some. Fortunately the win here is overpowering and the loss is minimal. Barring injuries, Marian Gaborik is the best option that was available for the Rangers. Now we need a center, to get him the puck. Looking at the Rangers centers on the roster tells me they have to go out and get a center whose prime roll will be to pass the puck to Gabby.

As for Brashear, I guess after Orr left for Toronto the Rangers felt a need to toughen up. Well Brashear does that. What else he can do is questionable, though to be fair, Orr averaged about 4 minutes a game and its tough to perform on 4 minutes a game. Maybe Tortorella will give the guy more ice time. Surely Gaborik will be getting lots of ice time. Maybe Brashear will ride shotgun for Gabby.

Anyway, there is still plenty of time to shore up the center position and the Stealth seems to be on a roll right now so let's not stand in his way. At least we have our sniper, now let's fill in the rest of the ranks or is it blanks? It's a good start.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Stealth Awakens

Awakening from his season long slumber the Stealth actually pulled off a great trade, swapping under achiever and over priced Scotty Gomez for under achiever and under priced Chris Higgins. Higgins had an excuse, missing 25 games due to injuries. He had 12 goals and 11 assists in 57 games. Gomez in twenty more games than Higgins only posted 16 goals though he did rack up 42 assists. The big factor however, and one that will probably factor in other deals was money. Salary to be exact and salary cap especially. Gomez is making around $7.4 mil and Higgins is at $1.7 mil. That's about $5.7 in beer money to throw around on some free agent. As added bonuses, Higggins is three years younger and hails from Smithtown, Long Island.

There were four other players in the deal, two from each team. The Rangers gave up forward Tommy Pyatt, who played in Hartford last year and defenseman Michae Busto who played for the Easter League Charlotte Checkers. The Rangers get defensemen Pavel Valentenko of the Dynamo Moscow of the KHL and the prize of the youngsters in Ryan McDonough, who played for University of Wisconsin, is twenty years old and was considered the number one defensive prospect for Montreal. Bob Gainey is truly gambling that Gomez is the center he desperately needs to contend for the Cup. Good luck!

So a good start for the Stealth but there is a long free agency in store. Let's not overpay for Heatley. Stay away from Marian Hossa and let's try to dump Rozsival and Redden.

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