Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Price Is Right!

First of all, a Happy Easter and a wonderful Passover to all of you out there in Rangerland. At least, the few who are left. Seriously, enjoy the day with family and friends.

What can you say that hasn't already been said. The Rangers lost again in Montreal. So what else is new? Another loss, another shutout. Price has now four consecutive shutouts over our heroes. The loss was also the second straight 3-0 loss following the Ottawa game. The Rangers are now 0-9 against Canadian teams. Maybe Monday will be a day of resurrection against the Jets. Maybe.

The Rangers are in total disarray. Proven goalscorers have no luck in finding the back of the net. The goalposts. The crossbar. The sides of the net. The glass behind the net. Yes, all of these but not the net behind the goalies. The coach plays games with his carousel of line changes. He has no clue. He has succeeded in turning one of the pure goal scorers in the game, Gaborik, a gentleman, a good guy, into a floundering figure of his great past. I believe he played on all four lines last night. What a shame.

Sean Avery said it best: "Fire this CLOWN."  Fire this clown before he destroys all vestiges of what this team is and could be. Fire this clown before he embarrasses more guys like Gaborik with his public one-on-one lectures. Fire this clown to bring some sort of decency to the Garden. "Fire this CLOWN."


It looks like Sean's comment regarding Tortorella is resonating across Rangerland:

Sean Avery on Twitter: Fire this CLOWN (Tortorella)

Katie Strang / ESPN NY:
Avery on Torts: 'Fire this CLOWN'

Pat Leonard / NY Daily News / The Blueshirts Blog:
Callahan and Rangers on Sean Avery: 'He did not speak for us as a team when he was here and certainly does not now'

Puck Daddy:
Sean Avery on NY Rangers: ‘Fire this Clown’

CBC Sports:
Sean Avery calls for firing of Rangers' Tortorella

NY Rangers blog:
Happy Easter John Tortorella, You're Officially on the Hot Seat

Friday, March 29, 2013

Blanked! And Tied!

See. It was the porous Flyer D and goaltending that brought out that great O output. Against the best defensive team in the East the Rangers were impotent. As usual, the Rangers failed to show up last night. But remember, this was Ottawa and they were in Canada. The Rangers are 0-3 against Ottawa and are 0-8 against all Canadian teams. Woe Canada! More woes? The Ranger PP was 0-4 and the latest malaise has now reached 2-21. And we go to Montreal Saturday. The House of Horrors!

Want more? The Islanders tied us for 8th place. The Islanders! Imagine living the entire off season that the Islanders were in the playoffs and the Rangers were golfing. The genius coach said he didn't like the first forty minutes. Only the first forty? We got ten shots in the last twenty. Wow!

Want more woes? The Penguins traded for Jerome Iginla leaving Ottawa coach Paul MacLean to remark, "I don't even know why we'll bother playing the playoffs." Iginla had his choice of destinations. Obviously, one wasn't the Rangers. But who needs Iginla when we have signed Mats Zuccarello, who is a nice, good player but the coach has to revamp his lineup to make sure that Zucs gets his quality 4-5 minutes.

Last night's game was best summed up by former Ranger Ron Duguay. It's too bad Lundqvist didn't skate up ice and try to score a goal. If he had the coach would probably only give him 4-5 minutes of ice time. Imagine being Henrik Lundqvist, arguably the best money goalie in the NHL and have this collection of has beens and never was, being 'coached' by a loser. Hang in there Henrik, there is a better day tomorrow.

ICINGS: Thought for the day and the season. "For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible. For those who do believe, none is necessary."

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rangers Play "Stone Age" Hockey

Norwegian Coach Roy Johansen: Rangers Play Stone Age Hockey and waste Zuccarello's skills
READY FOR RANGERS: coach Roy Johansen did not like that he will be without Mats Zuccarello Aasen in the World Championships in Stockholm in May, after Zuccarello now been formally ready for a return to the NHL club
Thanks Jen for pointing this one out to us.

John Tortorella is not a popular man in Norway. The Blueshirts are reportedly close to taking away their favorite son, Mats Zuccarello Aasen, to ride the pine again and "play hockey Stone Age" under the Rangers' Benchmeister.

Here Norwegian coach Roy Johansen unloads his thoughts on losing his extraordinary Zucc to Gotham's Stone Age hockey team in this beautifully Google translated article:
---- Rangers Play "Stone Age" Hockey

They have not exactly made ​​a great job for Zuccarello

But now he is officially ready for the New York Rangers.

(Dagbladet): Mats Zuccarello Aasen has today formally ready for the New York Rangers, after hockeyproffens two agents, Swedish Erik Ryman and American Don Meehan night to yesterday received a concrete offer to return to the NHL club for the rest of the season.

The offer came as a surprise to coach Roy Johansen, who looked forward to the World Cup with Mats Zuccarello Aasen as a central figure in the Norwegian team.

- I thought the race was run for Mats at this stage, says Roy Johansen told Dagbladet.

Doubt Playoffs 

He finds it strange that the Rangers waited so long, if they really wanted Zuccarello back in the team where he made eight goals and 18 assists in 52 NHL games in the period 2010-1012.

- It's only 15-16 games left of the regular season, and quite accurately a month. At worst, it may just be the time for Mats, for I am not convinced that the Rangers are going to the playoffs, says Roy Johansen told Dagbladet.

With 32 points Rangers are currently in 8th place in the Eastern Division, the last place that gives playoffs. The point behind Carolina Hurricanes chases and two points behind the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders, the team with a better shape curve than Rangers.

- It does not look good for the Rangers. Chances are they are going to the playoffs is 50/50, according to Roy Johansen.

- Stone Hockey 

Mats Zuccarello Aasen has received approval from the requirement of a one-way contract. It gives him the same salary regardless of whether he is playing in the NHL or being sent down to the farm team, the Connecticut Whale.

Coach believes that any New York Rangers is wrong club for Mats Zuccarello Aasen

- I do not just agents have done some great work for Mats. Rangers are not a club that suits him. They play hockey Stone Age, they just dump the puck into the zone and chases after, say, Roy Johansen told Dagbladet.

- Should have gotten longer contract The agents also think he should have seen, and so steered away from Rangers both when Mats went there the first time, and when he gets another chance in the NHL club.

Besides, think that a coach konk presented at worst only come into effect in one month is the bare best team.

- I think they should have an agreement that lasted for at least one to two years. Now Mats at worst end up alright salary for one month, and then it's over.

Zuccarello NHL return also means that he must say no to World Cup games for Norway in May.

- Proud not Mats

Roy Johansen is also uncertain how strongly Rangers coach John Tortorella really want Zuccarello. He sent down to the Norwegian farmer League several times last his rule Zuccarello.

Besides, it is clearly seen that the relationship between Zuccarello and Rangers coach was not the best.

- It shone through that Tortorella did not trust Matt when he was last there, and if the decision to bring Matt back to the club by anyone other than Tortorella now, so it is not certain that it gets so much playing time on Mats this time either, says Roy Johansen.

- Extraordinary skills

When used correctly, he believes, however, that the Rangers will get great pleasure from Zuccarello.

- They need him in majority games. They have very bad off, and then they need a guy like Matt, who have extraordinary skills. In all Rangers are a team that scores extremely low. But they have close defense, then, that they should have, said the Norwegian hockey boss.
ESPN / March 27th, 2013:
Sources: Mats Zuccarello to N.Y.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Derek Steps Up. Again!

The Rangers had a helluva time in a scrimmage against the Flyers last night in a 5-2 romp against a defenseless goalie and Derek Stepan proving once again to be the best forward on the Rangers. Stepan, centering Nash and Hagelin, had a goal and three assists. Nash had two goals. Richards and Kreider had the other two goals against a beleaguered Ilya Bryzgalov, who made 26 saves. The Flyers have given up 99 goals. Only five teams in the entire NHL have given up more goals.

It is hard for me to decide whether this was the breakout game or that the Flyers are a defenseless team with a mediocre goalie. The Flyer D doesn't seem any better than the Flyer goalies. With 28 points the Flyers are in 14th place, seven points behind the 8th place Rangers and fading fast. But enough about the Flyers.

Stepan now has ten goals. Nash leads the team with twelve. Stepan's goal gave the Rangers a 3-0 lead and was eventually the game winner. The lame stream media is all agog how coach disagreeable shook up the lines to bring about this offensive outburst. Are they kidding? Every game is a shake up of lines. During the game and during shifts. So what's the big deal? Also they are touting that disagreeable posted his 400th win. Big deal. He's lost more than he's won. See one of our readers, jeanine posts, to get the full story on his wonderful record. A .500 coach at best.

So the road trip continues up north of the border against Ottawa and Montreal. Ah Montreal! The House of Horrors. Montreal is 4th in the East and Ottawa is 5th. The Rangers are in a New York Area dogfight for 8th place with the Devils and the Islanders. How the mighty have fallen. A year ago the fight for the top spot. This year the fight for the last playoff spot. I guess it's better than fighting the Flyers for 13th place.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Caps Creep Closer

The bottom feeders are starting to catch up to the pretenders, contenders and the outright stiffs. Yes, the Rangers sneaked into 8th place with their one point 'win' over the Caps. Yes, you are right it was a shootout loss but the coach and the press seem ecstatic over the point. We are now in 8th place, one point ahead of Carolina, two ahead of the surging Caps and the moribund Islanders and three ahead of the come to life Buffalo Sabres.

The Rangers did their usual first period 'walk around', falling behind before the 'big guns', Asham and Stepan stepped up to tie it at two. For the rest of the game it was the usual 'rope-a-dope' to get it to the shootout to win it. Alas, it backfired as shootout goals by Ovechkin and Backstrom beat the lone goal by Stepan. Backstrom and Ovechkin also scored the Caps two first goals. Ovechkin more than made up for his last performance here when he literally gave the game to the Rangers.

Kris Newbury was brought up from Connecticut and assisted on Asham's goal. In the AHL Kris had 18 goals and 38 assists in 62 games. Naturally he was put on the 4th line and got all of 8:55 of ice time. He was the linemate of Chris Kreider with the Whale so you would have thought the genius coach would have paired them. There were all kinds of maneuvers. Kreider was moved up with Richards and Nash and Gaborik was moved to Boyle and Pyatt. Gaborik might have been better off being benched then playing with those two.

Also, excitement brews over the possibility that Swedish Flash Jesper Fast will join the Rangers. A sixth round pick in 2010, Fast will be a welcome addition to the 4th line and 4-6 minutes of ice time while he learns how to block shots, muck it up in the corners and play defense. Score goals? What's that?

Meanwhile, while the coach and the media sleep the bottom feeders are starting to stir. Last place Florida, who beat us handily last time here, are 'only' nine points behind. But, have no fear. The play for a tie and win it in a shootout is alive and well. However, it's the bottom feeders who are being successful with it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bottoms Up!

I guess this is the way its going to be for the rest of the year. Win one, lose one. The Rangers have played thirty games and have thirty two points. It doesn't matter who we play. Good or bad it doesn't affect our play. We suck. Our coach sucks the most. Now he says he needs someone to run the power play. Really! We haven't had a power play since he's been here and now he says we need someone to run it. How about something novel? Someone to coach it.

For all you Ranger fans who get hung up on making the playoffs, don't worry, it's a lock. Have you seen the teams behind us in the standings? Of course the team we lost to last night is the worst team in the NHL. They have given up the most goals, 111, and we scored all of one against them last night while their rookie goaltender, Jacob Markstrom, made 45 saves. Nash, Gaborik, Richards, Callahan, Stepan, Hagelin and we score one goal that lifted our conference low total to 71. Only Columbus has a lower total, 68, in the whole NHL. Maybe we should send Nash back for Dubi and Anisimov.

Speaking of Nash, I'm sure he is heading for a suspension or at least a fine for that crazy hit to the back of Tomas Kopecky's head. What were you thinking Rick? You are here to hit the net not the heads of our opponents. I'm sure it's frustration. Frustration on having his worst offensive year. Frustration at being under the scope of doctor disagreeable where every move on every shift is over analysed. What ever happened to just playing hockey? What ever happened to building your team around the players rather then trying to mold the players into what you think a hockey team should be. But we will get that guy to run the PP and all will be well. Yes, there will be a brighter day tomorrow if only we get a PP specialist. Or is it a coach?

ICINGS: Best wishes for a speedy recovery to GM Glen Sather on his prostate operation. Been there. Done that. So I know what it's all about. Get well.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lucky Rangers!

Yep, the Rangers are one lucky team. They were lucky to win last night. They were lucky to score three goals. They were lucky that Johan Hedberg and not Martin Brodeur was in goal. They are lucky that Henrik Lundqvist is their goalie. Last night they were extremely lucky that Dan Girardi didn't concuss Lundqvist with an accidental elbow to the head. If Lundqvist has a concussion and is out a while we might as well pack it in and watch the reruns of coach disagreeable's news conferences.

With the score tied 2-2 Lundqvist made three game saving saves, which triggered the winning goal by Rick Nash. The coach is right. Offense comes from defense. Especially when Lundqvist triggers the offense. Boy are we lucky.

The Rangers are now back in eighth place and we now have scored as many goals as we have given up, 70-70. Wow! We have scored the fewest goals of any team in the Eastern Conference and we are the third lowest scoring team in the NHL. Do you think maybe the Stealth GM can come up with another big goal scorer that the coach can screw up.

Speaking of screwing up the news is out that Chris Kreider is coming back to the Rangers. Coming back to what? 4-5 minutes of ice time. No power play time. Bounce around from line to line. Put him on a line with Miller and Pyatt and leave him there and give him at least 15 minutes of ice time. They sent Haley back. They should have sent Boyle.

But so far we are lucky that all Lundqvist has right now is a headache. Let's pray it doesn't get worse, because if it does hockey will be over for New York Ranger fans. We are very lucky that we have a guy named Henrik Lundqvist as our goalie.

Long live Henrik Lundqvist!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leave it to Hank

Milking the Shootout Cow: Rangers earn another shootout victory
Back during the 2008-09 season, when the prior defensive guru Tom Renney was running things (until he was fired on Feb 23, 2009) the Rangers perfected the strategy of grinding out ties and hoping to win games during the OT or shootout. During that season the Ranges won 10 of 16 shootouts, thank you Hank. The Rangers eventually limped into the playoff that season in 7th place under Torts.

Last night's game reminds us how that strategy again might well be the ticket to the promised land.  The Rangers won a 2-1 shootout victory over the 'Canes.

Leave it to Lundqvist, be thy motto, since no one on this team can score consistently. The team's record is 3-2 in shootouts this year.

Therefore you can skip watching the first two periods of a Rangers game and just tune-in for the final 30 minutes. Works for me.

Regularly scheduled event: The Great Rangers ShootoutNow Playing

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Opposite Directions!

Two teams headed in opposite directions continued their routes today; as the Penguins won their 8th straight and the Rangers lost their third straight. The Rangers mediocrity continued as the Pens shut us out for the second time this year, final score 3-0. The Rangers put 23 shots on goal and the trio of Gaborik, Richards and Nash accounted for eight. To no avail. The Rangers have scored two goals in the last three road games.

Is there no end to this misery? The coach says the team has to tighten up down low, but we can't score goals. We have high powered offensive players, who suddenly have become mushes. We are more concerned with blocking shots than putting quality shots on goal. Also, there is no doubt that we miss Marc Staal. Besides his great defense, he adds to the offense and he is a leader.

Unless their is a drastic change in attitude by the coach, this team is headed for oblivion. However, I can't see any change. It's going to be more of the same. Tighten up the D. Keep mixing and changing the lines. Overplay your key players. Fourth line gets minuscule ice time. Finally, keep berating the press, and indirectly the fans, at the so called press conferences.

After all, the omnipotent coach is never wrong, is always right. Don't believe it? Just ask him. Ask him and stay way back. The rise was spectacular. The fall could be deafening!

John Tortorella - Rangers coach struggles to find winning formula

Friday, March 15, 2013

Yes! We Really Suck!

It was another dismal effort. Our pathetic offense puts up one goal again. The duo of Stepan and Callahan struck again, but it was only once. Our feared trio of Nash, Richards and Gaborik gave their best imitation of the three stooges on ice. To me the moment that sewed up the game was Marian Gaborik's miserable attempt on a penalty shot. Moe could have handled the puck better.

The coach wasn't any better. The fans serenaded him all night long. However, listening to Sam and Joe one would have never known it. But the fans know it and the serenading will now go on in all visiting rinks. The Rangers know it. Gaborik has stopped playing for this guy. The Stealth GM of the Rangers now knows it and probably won't do a damn thing about it. Our coach and his disjointed press conferences have now become a joke. How long will this go on?

We are now in 9th place. A coaching change will put life in this team. Who? I don't know. Maybe an inside guy like a Messier or an Adam Graves. Or maybe a trio. Messier, Graves and Leetch. Just a wild stab. The sad part is that this team can still make the playoffs with this coach. Look at the rest of the NHL.

So nothing will change. We will keep this coach and the team will stagger into the playoffs all tired, banged up and humiliated by their coach. What a sorry state.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"We Suck"

The coach's words, not mine. However, all things considered, the words were appropriate. The news conference was typical, though the press is making like the coach got mad at Sam. The coach is an ass but I didn't see any slight toward Sam. I saw a massive slight toward his team and much deserved.

I always talk how we let mediocre, journeymen goalies stone us. Well, last night we pulled off a classic. Thomas Enroth subbed for a sick Ryan Miller, chalked up 32 saves and 'earned' his first win since November 26, 2011. In that span he was 0-10-3. The reincarnation of Dominick Hasek. These guys do it against us all the time. To add insult to injury 'my boy' Marcus Foligno, scored two goals and acted like a third liner that we could surely use. And you all laughed at me when I suggested a trade for him that included our anointed coach. Oh well!

The one ray of sunshine last night was the play of our two most reliable players. Callahan and Stepan, killing off a penalty, accounted for the game's first goal on a beautiful play and pass by Cally to Stepan for his 7th of the year. The Rangers killed off five penalties, but I don't think I saw that combo on the ice killing penalties too often. It was our best offense all game.

After the game the usual platitudes flowed. "I (we) have to play better." And a remarkable comment by Lundqvist. "I think we were the better team." Really? Maybe that's the problem. This team can't see its flaws. Granted the insane line combinations are trying. Marian Gaborik on the same line with Brian Boyle? Gaborik cannot play for this coach. Also, don't underestimate the loss of Marc Staal. It's a huge loss. Add that to the large amount of ice time to McDonagh and Girardi and this team is closer to a collapse than it is to a revival.

But for a change, the coach was right. We suck!!!

Directly from the horses's orifice:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thanks Alex

Halfway through the game with his team down 3-1, Adam Oates, Washington's coach, pulled goalie Braden Holtby, to stem the Ranger tide. It kinda worked because the Rangers only scored one more goal. The move by Oates was good, only thing he pulled the wrong player. The guy he should have pulled was his Captain, Alex Ovechkin. He was brilliant, for the Rangers.

Ovechkin got 22:26, got 4 shots, 2 hits and was a minus 3. He hung around the blue lines looking for breakout passes. He made a lazy pass at Derek Stepan through the neutral zone on a play where Stepan, (6), scored the tying goal. He then committed two penalties, credited with one, which led to two goals, Boyle's first and Callahan's 8th, off a beautiful redirect on a Rick Nash laser. Richards closed out the scoring with his 4th. If the Caps are smart, and I find it hard to believe anyone in Washington is smart, they will put him on the market at trading time.

The win was a good comeback for the Rangers following the last games third period debacle. Marty Biron played a good game making 29 saves, giving Henrik a needed rest. The team played well, but remember the Caps are one of the NHL's bottom feeders and are in a dogfight for 12th place. But at this time of the year and halfway through the schedule, every two points are huge and this is a good start to the roadtrip. Next stop. Another bottom feeder, Buffalo.

Will this man be impeached in Washington and removed from office?

Alexander Ovechkin

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hit The Road Jack

The Rangers have 25 games left and 16 of them will be on the road. However, the road made no difference to Ottawa, who since April 2006, have gone 12-1-1 on the Rangers home ice. How about those sour apples? Last night was more of the same where Ottawa just took control of the game in the third period and never let up until Jakob Silfverberg lifted a rebound over Lundqvist to seal the win. The Rangers, especially the D-men, looked exhausted and were running around losing their men constantly. The Senators put 17 shots on goal in the third period. Was it the second of back to backs, or was it the fact too many guys are getting too much ice time?

I've been singing this tune for a long time and honestly I'm tired of my voice. Four Ranger D-men got over 20 minutes of ice time and it showed in the third period. McDonagh, 26:40, no shots on goal. Del Zotto, 24:54, 6 shots, his man scored game winner. Girardi, 22:08, 2 shots and Stralman, 21:44, no shots. Hamrlick, picked up from Washington got all of 7:29 and Emminger got 15:23. This team badly misses Marc Staal but there must be a more sensible distribution of ice time. This season is short and condensed and we are at the halfway mark and players like McDonagh and Girardi looked pooped already.

The game started out like it would be a barn burner but it was the Rangers who would burn out. Smith and Gonchar put the Sens up 2-0 but the Rangers stormed back to tie it on goals by Nash, (9), and Richards, (3). It then turned into a goaltender duel with Lundqvist, 36 saves and fellow Swede Robin Lehner, 33 saves. In the end it was Ottawa outlasting a tired Ranger team for the win. No truth to the rumor that next year Ottawa will play all their games against the Rangers at the Garden.

So now its on the road. Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Stepan Up!

Rick Nash did it again. Another late goal, his 8th, all in the third period to tie the game. And pariah Marian Gaborik also scored his 8th, the game winner, in OT. And Henrik Lundqvist, hearing it from the pro Ranger crowd, made 28 saves. In front of a noisy, fiesty, fighting crowd, and my two sons and grandson, the Rangers rang up their 4th straight win.

However, from these two old tired eyes the star of the game was Derek Stepan. The kid really has his game going and even when Brad Richards returns Stepan should be the number one center. He posted two big assists last night, on Nash's tying goal and Gabby's winner. His shot from the point was deflected by Nash with a little over five minutes left in the game and he won the big faceoff in OT that led to Gabby's winner. Stepan logged 23:10, had two assists and four shots and won ten faceoffs. Stepan was strong on the puck all night and seemed to control the game for the Rangers.

However, for those of you who read this space regularly this is not a new theme. I have been touting this kid a long time. Go back to my post of October 10, 2010, "A Star Is Born," and there is a story on a great game he played against the Sabres. Stepan in his first game scored a hat trick with the aid of two assists by a guy named Sean Avery. Yep, The Grate One. In fact the performance by Stepan and Avery led the legendary hockey maven, Stan Fischler, to tweet that Stepan and Avery formed a super duet. But that was then and now is now.

All hail Derek Stepan, a star whose time is come. Stay healthy kid, we need you.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nash N Cally!

My old blogging buddy, The Dark Ranger, must be one happy dude this morning as the Rangers soared over the Flyers last night 4-2. The Flyers have now lost six in a row at MSG and watched the Rangers climb over them into 8th place in the Eastern Conference. The Rangers have three games in hand over the Flyers and two games and two points ahead of the 10th place Islanders who they play tomorrow night on the Island.

The Rangers have concocted an excellent strategy. Stay close for two periods and then let Rick Nash take over. Last night they did just that or rather Callahan did that. His power play goal (6), opened the scoring. After goals by Simmonds, PP, and Voracek, PP, put the Flyers ahead Callahan (7) tied it at the 19:19 mark of the first period. Wow, four goals in one period. No wonder the joint was jumping.

Then it became Nash time. Two goals, his 6th and 7th, early, 2:50, and middling, 11:42, gave the Rangers the two goal lead that they would carry them to their third straight win. Nash has now scored all of his goals in the third period. How's that for clutch? His two goals came on two shots. How's that for efficiency? Callahan was his usual dynamic self. In 21:45 minutes he scored two goals, one assist, three shots and three hits. We have got to find something for him to do during the intermissions.

The one sour note was Mark Staal getting hit with a puck in the face. It was at 5:45 of the third period and never returned. As usual their is no update from the Rangers. It was the usual, "he's banged up." Also Richards sat out and you guessed it, "he's banged up."

ICINGS: It was Sam Rosens thirtieth anniversary of broadcasting Ranger games. Congratulations to Sam as he joins the list of great New York sportscasters like Marty Glickman, Bert Lee, Jim Gordon, Mel Allen, Red Barber, Russ Hodges, Phil Rizzuto, Marv Alpert and on and on.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Hail Nash, The Gang's All Here!

Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here
You remember that song, "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here"? So maybe you don't, so what. Last night the Rangers became whole, almost, and scored a 4-1 win over a disappointing and slumping Tampa Bay Lightning who have now lost 6 of nine and are now only four points out of last place in the Eastern Conference. Rick Nash came back with a vengeance, Ryan McDonagh came back with a purpose and Michael Del Zotto came back.

To say that Nash did it all is probably an exaggeration. After all he only got 12 shots of the Rangers total 42 and he only got one of the four goals, but man, he put on quite a show. In a sense he was also involved in Tamp Bays only goal failing to pick up St. Louis who redirected a point shot, or was it a pass? But lets not be picky. Nash was great in 19:15 of ice time. He also got an assist.

Ryan McDonagh put in 25:34 of solid ice time picking up two big assists. Steve Eminger who logged 20:32 last game was knocked down to 4:20 and Stu Bickel got all of 3:18. One of my boys, Chris Kreider got a bus ticket to Hartford. Got to teach that kid how to play defense even if it kills him. Trade him to another team and watch him sparkle.

The next game is against Buffalo, another bottom feeder. These are the must win games before we hit the tough competition like the Flyers and the Islanders. It's a long and weary road ahead. Will all the gang show up? Stay tuned for more exciting episodes in the life of Ranger fans.

Henrik Lundqvist on "This is SportsCenter"

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