Monday, December 16, 2019

.500 Hockey: The New Norm

So far this month the Rangers have gone 3-4. Since November 27th the Rangers have gone 5-5. Their last ten games have been a perfect .500 dance of win one, lose one, win one, lose one. This level of play has kept them out of the cellar, but dangling off the back of a wild card position. Exciting stuff. Not exactly.

The King, Henrik Lundqvist, with a 3.13 GAA is ranked 53rd out of 74 NHL goalies. Georgiev has a 2.69 GAA and is ranked 23rd. Exciting stuff? Not exactly. Lundqvist looks like he's falling off the old man cliff. Georgiev should get the bulk of the starts the rest of the way, with Lundqvist as back-up.

It's sad to see a great goaltender like Lundqvist slide into his decline. We would love if he caught fire the rest of the season. But neatly summarizes the "Lundqvist Problem":

Until the Rangers choose to face the music and accept the inevitable, which is Lundqvist is not the answer; he’s the problem, the Rangers will continue to roll around on their hamster wheel. This team is going nowhere with Lundqvist...

Lundqvist’s contract is an albatross. His GAA and save percentage stats put him 45th place or higher out of every goalie in the league. He’s the most overpaid player in hockey today. Even worse, the Rangers have two goalies who are ready, but they can’t get away from the foot of Lundqvist:

As this season progresses, and as Georgiev continues to out-play Lundqvist, while Shestyorkin remains the best goalie in the AHL, this Lundqvist topic won’t go away.
So far apathy is still the dominant emotion for Rangers fans here at RP. Waiting and watching for signs of life. What else can you do?
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