Friday, March 11, 2005

I Shouldn't Ask....But?

How could congress have a hearing on steroids and leave the biggest culprit, Barry Bonds, out?.....Is there any sport more exciting than college basketball around tournament time? And any conference tournament more exciting than the Atlantic Coast Conference?.....Is the NHL doomed to mediocrity forever? How come Gretzky and Super Mario show up at the end of negotiations? Where were they previously? Counting the money they bled out of the league and now refuse to let the current players pig out as they did?.....When I think of the Yankees I will always see Gehrig, DiMaggio, Rizzuto, Berra, Mantle, Ford, Munson and Jeter. No way do I see Johnson, Brown, Sheffield, Giambi and A-Rod....How come The Washington Times, The New York Post and Fox News Channel are referred to as right wing media and The Washington Post, The New York Times and CBS are not referred to as left wing media?.....How come when Hillary Clinton keeps changing her views she is viewed as a centrist going back to her roots and when John Kerry does he is considered a flip-flopper?.....A group wants to buy the NHL for $3.5B, the whole league, but the owners claim they are worth more. How can they be worth so much when they are losing so much?.....How come Cablevision, Rangers and Knicks, can spend so much money fighting the West Side Jet Stadium when they are losing so much money on the Rangers? How come?.....How come the Academy Awards didn't have a special tribute to one of their own, Ronald Reagan, who also excelled in other areas?.....How come Senators and congressman who use our money, we pay their salaries, to invest in a federal thrift plan will not allow us poor citizens to do the same? I guess they object to the fact that we then can turn over our balance on our death to our heirs instead of putting the money back into their grubby hands. Maybe they should change the name of the democrats to the nihilists. The Party of Dr. No, starring Teddy Kennedy and Harry Reid......Seeya!

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