Monday, October 04, 2004

NHL Lockout-Does Anybody Care?

The NHL owners and Gary Bettman have locked out the players possibly killing the 2004-2005 season and the public and fans greeted it appropriately. They yawned! If the powers to be decide to stick to their $1.3 million/player the season is to all intents and purposes is over. The fans are wrapped up in the Baseball playoffs and World Series which will take the season to early November. Pro football and college football are starting to go full steam and they will reach a climax in January with the bowl championship and Super Bowl. Then there is basketball. Both the pros and colleges will dribble all the way to the March Madness and the Pro championship which will climax in June. Where does that leave the NHL? Obviously it wont bother the Ranger fans. Our team usually quits around January so they are fit for the various golf tourneys that invite athletes from other sports. So the NHL is in a box. Many players are signing up in Europe. Canadian players who normally play for American city teams and enroll their kids in the American schools are enrolling them in Canadian schools. The players will not budge. Bettman will lead the owners into oblivion. There is no pressure from the fans to settle this thing and with the exception of Larry Brooks of the NY Post there is very little comment from the press. Larry is taking the players position and he is correct. After the owners cut the players salaries 28% are they going to cut their pay by 28%? Cut ticket prices by 28%? Cut concessions by 28%? Its going to be a long sport season but the NHL is not going to be part of it. Does anybody care?

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