Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Killing Frost?

Mike DantonDid Mike Danton, the St. Louis Blues forward conspire to kill his agent, David Frost?

Danton, 23, was arrested last Friday morning (16-Apr-04) on charges he and Katie Wolfmeyer, a 19-year-old St. Louis college nursing student, conspired and used a telephone across state lines to set up a contract murder.

Danton, a native of Brampton, Ont., has been jailed in California pending his voluntary return to the St. Louis area for an appearance on the Illinois federal charges. Danton, who was once named Mike Jefferson has had a troubled life.

When we first heard this story it sounded just plain weird, because the reports did not identify the intended victim. Today reports started coming out saying David Frost was the target of the murder-for-hire. Frost has served as Danton's agent since Danton was 15. Now, we can start to understand a possible motive. Frost is no Jerry Mcguire, in fact he sounds like a hoodlum with a messiah complex.

The Toronto Sun says this about Frost:
People were afraid of him. They were afraid if they spoke out against him they would be the ones injured in the end. They were concerned if they said what they knew about how he operated, about the control he had over his kids, they would end up punished. I interviewed almost 100 people, many of them refusing to go on the record, about Frost...

David Frost who once was found guilty of assaulting a hockey player on his own bench, once suspended indefinitely for allegedly falsifying a document (he denies the charge) by the GTHL, once suspended indefinitely by the Ontario Hockey Association, and yet somehow was allowed to be certified as an agent by the National Hockey League Players' Association...
SECRET AGENT-Mike Danton entangled in David Frost's world [Toronto Sun]
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