Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No One Wants to Play For The Rangers

Funny thing happened to the Rangers during this free agency period. No key player wants to play in the Garden. Supposedly they offered Aucoin a contract and he turned them down, though my sources claim they offered him no such deal. They offered a deal to Forsberg and he declined. Chris Gratton, a ten year vet who never hit his potential was tended an offer and decided on the Panthers. Then there was John LeClair. Even though he is 36 he is tough around the net but he also declined and signed with Pittsburgh which looks loaded and primed to challenge the Fliers for the Eastern Conference. Now you say we are in our youth movement and we weren't serious about signing them. OK! Then why Straka and Rucinsky? The reason we weren't able to sign any players is that they don't want to come and play for the Rangers and more importantly they don't want to play for Tom Renney and Glen Sather. Lets face it. Renney may be the coach but Sather is pulling all the strings. But all is not lost. The Rangers did resign Tom Poti. At $2.6 million he is the most overpaid player on the team. Last year he was completely ineffective in taking the body and clearing the puck. And isn't that what defensemen are supposed to do. But Sather has a fascination with Poti. He drafted him #1 in Edmonton and after Sather left Edmonton the Oiler fans booed him out of Edmonton and his Godfather scooped him up for New York. So we have to go to the youth movement, we have no choice. No established player, tier one or tier two will play for this management team. So we go with youth except for Jagr, Rucinsky, Straka, Poti and Kasparitis. Oh well, maybe it will be such a disaster that Dolan will can the whole bunch and bring in Scotty Bowman. And maybe the Easter Bunny will come on Christmas.

ICINGS: Todd Bertuzzi should not have been reinstated until his victim Moore was ready to play; totally unacceptable. And how about announcing his reinstatement on the same day that Gretzky is announced as the new coach for Phoenix. What a league!

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