Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A GIANT Leaves Us

There were few owners like Wellington Mara. Heck, there were few humans like Wellington Mara. One hour or so after the Giants pulled out a stirring last play one point win over the Broncos, Wellington Mara, 89 years of age, passed away with the knowledge that his Giants had won one for him. He had a smile on his face.

Wellington Mara became involved with the New York Giants at the age of nine, back in 1925, when pro football was just a past time for a few pioneers like Wellington, Art Rooney, George Halas and a few other hardy souls. The team was family owned.They played in the Polo Grounds in those days. All pro football teams at that time played in major league baseball parks.The Brooklyn Dodgers (football) played in Ebbets Field, Pittsburgh in Forbes Field and the Bears in Wrigley Field. None of the teams had their own stadium. The Giants moved up to Yankee Stadium and for two years when they renovated the stadium in Yale Bowl in New Haven. Finally they ended up in Giant Stadium in New jersey. Through all these years and all these turmoils there was one constant. Wellington Mara.

What kind of owner was he? He was a players owner. When the team won the Super Bowl he was no where to be found in the locker room. He said it was coaches and players time. When they lost, he was there. Not to criticize but to encourage and comfort. Could you think of any other owner doing that? Could you see the baseball owner in New York or the football owner in Dallas doing that? He was truly a Giant. Eighty years in the game and never took the headlines from his coaches or his players. He was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1997. What took so long? Remember his name. You will never see another one like him. Condolences to the Mara family. Wellington Mara. rest in peace.

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