Monday, October 10, 2005

Renney Scores-Benches Poti and Lundmark

Yes the Rangers got another point, while losing in OT again. And yes for two periods they completely outplayed the Devils. And Lundquist was great in goal in his first start as he progresses toward the number one goalie spot on the team. And Petr Prucha finally got into a game along with Maxim Kondratiev, the Russian defender. But the story of the night was that Tom Poti and Jamie Lundmark were benched. Maybe Renney is not Glen Sather's alter-ego and wants to be his own man. Good start Tom. Sather would never have benched Poti. Lundmark yes, Poti no. Remember Glen made Poti a number one pick in Edmonton and after they both left Edmonton, Poti was booed out of town, Sather picked him up for Michael York who committed the sin of being a Neil Smith pick. Poti hasn't delivered anything in his brief tenure with the Rangers. He is the reincarnation of ghosts of other not hitting defensemen acquired by the Blue Shirts. He doesn't fit in with this team. This team, so far, is a skating, feisty, energetic bunch all qualities missing in Poti. The rules haven't been made it soft enough for him to be effective. While the penalty killers seem to be working well the power play unit needs to improve. From here it looks like the unit is looking for Jagr too much. This is not Jagr's fault as he seems to be on top of his game. So far so good for the Blue Shirts. And so far so good for Tom Renney. Bench the underperformers and keep playing the young guys. Now if we could cut the penalties in half we may have a successful season. Maybe I was wrong about Renney being Sather's bag man. I hope so. But it is early, lets wait.

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