Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yankees Bomb

An aside to hockey for one day. The Bronx Bunglers did it again. With a chance to redeem themselves the Yanks did not come through. They failed in all aspects of the game, pitching, hitting and fielding. What else is there. Joe Torre claims he is proud of this team. For what? For coming back to win the AL East after playing some of the worst baseball a Yankee team has ever played. And the final game was a microcosm of the season. The hitting, which has been overrated all year, left eleven runners on base. A-Rod and Matsui were absolutely atrocious. Jeter got three hits one including a homer and each one of his at bats were followed by A-Rod's pathetic attempts at the plate. If Dave Winfield was Mr. May and Reggie Mr. October and Derek Jeter Mr. November then A-Rod has to be Mr. August or whatever other insignificant month there is in baseball.

The pitching wasn't much better either. Mike Mussina after a good opening game didn't have it. Why do Yankee pitchers insist on pitching Garet Anderson low and in? And in the biggest game of his short Yankee career Randy Johnson bombed in game three. Again Anderson taking a low inside pitch into the bleachers with two on. And how about that so called middle relief? How sad that Al Lieter was the most reliable out of the bullpen. And Randy Johnson redeeming himself in relief in game five. Forget it. There is no such thing as redemption in a losing cause. And how about the fielding. Despite all the hitting and pitching flaws, two plays cost the Yankees the series. A-Rod's error on a little league hopper in the second game killed Wang and the Yankees and eventually the series as that game would have put the Yanks up 2-0 in the series. And the coup-de-gras in game five of Crosby crashing into Sheffield as he was about to catch the ball. Had Williams been in center he would be no way near the ball.

So look at all the players George has brought in and he hasn't won since 2000. Mussina, Johnson, A-Rod, Matsui, Giambi, Sheffield, Pavano, Wright and for what? If it hadn't been for Small, Chacon, Wang, Jeter and old reliable Mariano Rivera we wouldn't even had made the playoffs. Shame on you Yankee fans who booed Rivera early in the season. The boos should be for A-Rod who had a meaningless regular season hitting meaningless home runs. Send him back to Texas. MVP? Why not. Meaningless Valuable Player.

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