Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Amazing, Absolutely Amazing Jagr

Eight shots on goal, three off the posts, one goal, one assist and the game winner in a shootout. The shootout was won 3-2 and therefore the game was won 3-2. Yes, its Jaromir Jagr I'm talking about, who else. Last night the guy did everything including working the defensive end. I won't swear to it but the rumor has it when he wasn't on the ice he was selling Ranger Jerseys to the adoring crowd. Adoring? They booed him every time he touched the puck which was every time he was on the ice. They booed him. For what? For showing up and putting on an offensive clinic? Maybe if some Buffalo fan reads this they can write me and explain why they booed him.

Another win, three straight, and the Rangers are now four points ahead of the second place Flyers, with the Flyers having four games in hand. It seems like the Flyers always have four games in hand. We'll probably sneak into the playoffs with the Flyers having four games in hand.

Besides Jagr the Rangers got a great performance from Kevin Weekes who stopped 38 shots. He also made the key stop on the last Buffalo shooter, Chris Drury, to win the game. One of the Sabres goal was scored on a five on three as two Rangers were whistled on the same sequence thereby creating the five on three for a full two minutes. Of course the refs did their usual outstanding work blowing two calls on one play. Mike Grier charged Kasparitis into the boards and as Darius was skating off bleeding a Sabre punched him in the back of the head. Remember when I told you way back that when we hit the twenty game mark it will be "let boys be boys" time. Ranger game last night was their 24th.

But a win is a win. On to Atlanta and those gunnin' Thrashers. Should be fun. But it's holiday time and I want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

ICINGS: Even some fans on the Sabre hockey message board are confused by this booing of Jagr? - Rangers at Sabres comments:

what do the genius fans in the HSBC tonight think it does when Jagr is booed everytime he touches the puck? Disheartens him? He's showed up and played hard all year...

I don't understand why they boo EVERY time he touches the puck. I guess I can get it in Pittsburgh and Washington, but this really has no roots...

"The Puck Stops Here" thinks Henrik "The Prince" Lundqvist should be considered for Rookie of the Year ahead of Crosby and Ovechkin. Please don't jinx the kid.

Why Isn't He Considered A Rookie Of The Year Favorite? [puckstopshere]

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