Thursday, February 02, 2006

Escaping the Trap-Barely

Rangers defeat Pens 3-1 in teams' final meeting of seasonI can hear it now, I already have, about Rucchin. I got it last night at the Garden from my buddy at So Rucchin scored a goal and had an assist, big deal. This was the Penguins.

My buddy said I woke him up with my article. I should be so influential. I did my homework, one day late, and after last nights game Rucchin has ten hits in fifty games. I figured you could probably run into someone by accident and get more hits. Speaking of hits the Rangers were outhit by the Penguins, 28-15. Three Rangers defensemen, Poti, Tyutin and Strudwick had no hits. And pray tell me, what the hell was Jagr doing on the ice in the last minute of the game? No wonder the Penguins ran him, with no retaliation by the Rangers. Renney should stop worrying about Jagr's stats and worry about the team.

I warned you yesterday that this would be a game where the Rangers could fall into the trap of looking at it as an easy game. The Rangers were quite inept against a very weak team, one of the worst in the NHL. The shorthanded goal by Rucchin was a gift from super hero Crosby and two power play goals were nothing to get excited about. Five on five we did very little.

Hollweg sat again for Hossa. Hollweg better be in the lineup tonight against the Islanders tonight in what promises to be a barn burner. That is an old saying that translates into a fiery confrontation. And now for all you Marcel Hossa fans, which I am not unsympathetic to. How can we find out how good a player Hossa is when he gets 6:03 of ice time like he did last night? Even my wise friend couldn't explain that one. But the Rangers need more toughness, sorely lacking last night. The Washington Capitals have a disgruntled defensemen named Brendan Witt, who I believe could help us. What do you think?

The Prince, with 24 saves, was named the second star of the game. In the previous five games he was named number one star once and number two star twice. How about we name the stars of the game award The Henrik Lundqvist Star of the Game Award. The Prince will rest tonight as Kevin Weekes will be in the nets against the Islanders tonight. Let us pray!


In case you missed it:

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here is a definition for Rucchin of the Year...


noun: a leach, or parasite. one who feeds off of others, and would be unable to get by in their absence.

verb: to rely on or benefit from others, especially in cases where the subject is unable to fend for his/her self.

rucchin of the year: the player who rucchins the most over the course of the season
According to the NY Rangers play the softest schedule in the NHL.

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Glenn Sather and Jerry Springer, any resemblance?

Glenn Sather and Jerry Springer

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  • Anonymous said...

    You cant sit Hossa, he is playing too good right now. Generating plays, drawing penalties. Agreed about Hollweg though.