Monday, March 13, 2006

Things could be worse in Rangerland

Just to put everyting in perspective things could be worse in Rangerland. At least we don't make it into the Poop Report yet. Look at the poor Islanders. Les Gomez said it best - "New York Islanders: Crapped Out" -

Burst sewage pipe causes major damage at Coliseum

The Islanders had a big 3-1 win in Boston on Saturday. Back home at the old arena in Uniondale, it was a different matter

A sewage pipe burst in the Islanders' dressing room at approximately 7:45 on Saturday night. It is the second time broken pipes have caused damage to the Islanders' room in the Nassau Coliseum in the last year. In August the damage was major. This time, the damage was devastating.

The Islanders' workout room has been almost completely destoyed. It is estimated that over one million dollars of damage has been done. Luckily, the Islanders are on the road next week so preliminary repairs can begin, but there's little to no chance the room will be ready when the Islanders return to home ice on March 21.

According to eyewitnesses -- at the Coliseum for an ice skating show on Saturday -- water started flooding the hallway where the Islanders' and visiting team locker rooms are located soon after the start of the skating show. "We could not believe it," said one Coliseum worker. "We've had plenty of problems over the last few years, but it's usually stuff you can patch up. Not this. The flooding was out of control. When they finally got the Islanders' locker room door open, you wouldn't believe what it looked like in there."

The ceiling in the workout room caved in, with debris and sewage crashing on top of the team's treadmills, bikes and other training equipment.

Mike Milbury inspects destroyed workout room
It looks Mike Milbury can't stand the taste of his own management *yukyuk*

Islanders' sewer pipe bursts

Islanders' sewer pipe bursts
Update: This topic seems ripe for comment. Just in case you forgot, Mike Milbury has a history with Rangers fans:

Mike Milbury beating Rangers fan with shoe
On Dec. 23, 1979 Milbury in a game against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden followed his teammates into the stands for a brawl and ended up with a shoe in hand. He used the shoe to beat a Rangers fan.
Hopefully, this disaster at the Coliseum has disarmed or unshod the always dangerous Mike Milbury and forced him to wear hip waders.

Mike that's a great job on the press release and thank you for the pictures.

IT'S OFFICIAL: ISLES STINK [NY Post, Mar. 13, 2006]
Mike Milbury Beats Fan With Shoe [On The Wings, Nov. 23, 2004]
For Milbury, the shoe is on the other foot [Newsday, Nov. 21, 2004]

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  • Anonymous said...

    Always knew Milbury was full of it and he was just just hiding it in the pipes.

  • Anonymous said...

    If your building suffers this type of accident is it now called "taking a Milbury"?

  • Anonymous said...

    Milbury wore #28 with Boston so technically you'd call this a number 28.

  • RotoRooter said...

    Who's duty is make sure the pipes work? The GM?

  • Gucci Face said...

    That was me that Mike Milbury beat with the shoe and I ain't been right since. Can I still sue him?

  • blue in brooklyn said...

    blues were lucky to get game winner with jagr falling over on one leg, will his solo talent wake up the team?

  • ramblin' pete said...

    Milbury wore #26.

    I believe #28 was the immortal Tom Songin.