Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I May Be Wrong.......But

The late season collapse by the Rangers took the air out of the season.

Ryan Hollweg is the most underrated, unappreciated and under utilized of all the Rangers.

Glen Sather must have Zdeno Chara, Jason Arnott and Branden Witt on his free agency wish list.

Tom Renney's stock dove after the nine game losing streak and his inability to stop the slide and turn it around.

Lou Lamoriello is the coach of the year. He is also the best GM in the business.

The Rangers don't need two checking lines and don't need two checking centers. Either Betts or Moore have to go.

With his fine play in the playoffs, Hartford goalie, Chris Holt will be in the mix for 2006-07, with the Rangers.

One of the most stirring moments of the season was the standing O the fans gave the Rangers after their elimination by the Devils.

Will the Devils be treated to that by their fans? Will their fans show up?

A-Rod, Sheffield, Giambi, Matsui, Mussina and Randy Johnson all came to NY to win the big one. What's the odds it will never happen for any of them? Should have kept the young kids.

The Yanks are the most overrated hitting team in baseball.

After listening to Joe Torre rationalizing A-Rods failures in the clutch, isn't it time for Joe to adopt A-Rod so that his explanations become more credible?

Why doesn't Ron Villone get called in tight situations with his ERA of 1.50? Why does Tanyon Sturtze keep getting too much time with a 7.84 ERA?

Maybe Torre should also adopt Sturtze.

Greatness is measured in baseball by home runs. But this is greatness. 13 years in baseball, missing three for the service. Ten pennants, nine World Series Championships, three MVP's, two batting titles, two HR titles and two RBI titles plus a 56 game hitting streak that has stood up for 64 years and counting.

Joe DiMaggio.

The New York Times and the Washington Post will publish a shocking expose that Babe Ruth once consumed 12 hotdogs and a case of beer in one sitting and that proves that the Babe was using a foreign substance.

When does Larry Brown start taking the blame for the Knicks sorry performance?

When does Isiah Thomas start taking the blame for Larry Brown?

When does James Dolan start taking the blame, period?

All you need to know about Eliot Spitzer is that Donald Trump and Al Damato are two of his biggest supporters.

For a preview of how Spitzer will govern, see New Jersey and Jon Corzine.

Hillary Clinton will visit upstate New York and will promise to create 200,000 new jobs. She still owes them 199,000 jobs from her last visit.

George Pataki will tour the heartlands in his quest to become President. He will promise to do for the country what he did to New York.

The most dangerous place on the planet is between Chuck Schumer and a TV camera.

The second most dangerous is a blog in the hands of a recalcitrant old man.

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