Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Malaise Continues

Nashville wins 3-0The Ranger early season slide continued last night with a 3-0 loss to the Predators of Nashville. The Rangers put 38 shots on goal but I would be hard pressed to remember one outstanding save that Tomas Vokoun made. Most of the Ranger shots were taken from the perimeter, where else, and very rarely did the Rangers put someone in front of Vokoun as a screen or for a deflection. Jason Arnott put one by Lundqvist that should have been stopped and the other two goals were due to the ineptness of Marek Malik and his partner in crime Michal Rozsival. While the Rangers outhit Nashville 21-20 Rozsival and Malik had no hits. Renney gave Malik a vote of confidence, "Marek's reach is his biggest asset, not his foot speed." And you old timers thought that Abbott and Costello were funny.

What was interesting to me was watching Jon Arnott skating across the ice creating havoc and turnovers while Matt Cullen had a very pedestrian game. Why you may ask, do I bring up that comparison? I bring it up because the 'drain trust' decided that Matt Cullen would be a better fit for the Rangers than Jon Arnott. Jon Arnott cost about $2 million more than Cullen. Jon Arnott wanted to be a first line center and that is why he signed with Nashville. Who would you rather have on your team as number one center? Jon Arnott, who goes straight to the net with or without the puck, or Michael Nylander who does pirouettes when he gets the puck? Michael Nylander got 24:34 of ice time last night, and most of it was going around doing figure eights. Nylander had 8:50 of ice time on the PP with one whole shot on goal. His buddy, Martin Straka got 23:57 of ice time, 10:21 of PP time, and he got all of two shots on goal.The power play was 0-8, and 0-3 on five on three's which totalled 3:18 of power play time.

Also disturbing to me last night was the lack of rookies on the Rangers. One rookie, Nigel Dawes, played nine shifts for all of 6:47 of ice time. Most of the time was in the first period where he got three shots on goal and then disappeared for most of the game. Why bring this up? Remember during the free agency period the 'drain trust' declared that they will not sign too many free agents because they wanted to give the youngsters a chance. Dawes will soon be demoted to Hartford as will Thomas Pock when "Oh No" Ozolinsh returns. Renney announced that OH NO will be ready to go against Toronto. He brought it up as good news. Who will "Oh No" replace? Malik? No way. Look for Karel Rachunek to be the one. Why? With Pock out Rachunek is the closest thing to a rookie defenseman the Rangers have. With that move the Rangers, with minor exceptions, will be back to the team that ended last year. You know how that turned out.

: Under the heading of things are back to normal. The Rangers raised ticket prices quietly without any formal notification. They also removed the 'Thank You Fans' that was on the ice. Add to that the fact that this year they have dropped all pretense of playing rookies and that they should look back at the disasters that befell them prior to the lockout. I wonder what the experts were thinking when they predicted that the Rangers would win the Cup this year?

October 19, 2006
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  • Anonymous said...

    Marek Malik is Mr. Malaise. Sure he's good in the locker room, but on the ice he's Mr. Charmin. Please start throwing him under the bus every chance you get.

  • Anonymous said...

    Renney has to bench Malik now!!! If this will not wich I personally think will NOT, Rangers will get killed in Toronto... I also happen to think benching Rozy for a couple of games will not hurt, although Rozy at least shows some energy (vs NJ) Malik is always he same slow, not willing to hustle, hooking self. Renney has to get rid of Malik once and for all he is not cut for new NHL. A lot of people are saying "He should play like last year..." --he is playing like last year, league is not the same as it have been last year--most teams gotten bigger and faster (Preds is one of them). Tyutin, Ward and Kaspar are the best D we have so far. Also Renney needs to put in Pock and Baranka, he so afraid to put the rookies in it's painfull.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-I've been knocking him since last year even when the press was ga-ga over him. Him and his buddy Rozsival should both go.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-Renney will not bench Malik or Rozsival. Only hope is that the fans boo Malik out of the Garden. That has happened before. So what did happen to the rookies that Sather said were going to get opportunities. Hang in there.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-The Rangers have lied to us about playing rookies. They don't play rookies. This is a veteran team that could collapse very easy if Lundqvist doesn't have a good year.