Sunday, November 19, 2006

Clueless in Pittsburgh

The mainstream drive by media are all lamenting the lack of scoring by the Rangers in their three game road losing streak. Really? Where were they prior to this game? The Pundit brought it up after the last game against Carolina, while they were all moaning about a tough loss, played tough defensively, blah, blah, blah.

Playing a Penguin team that was 1-4-2 in their last seven, the Ranger's offense went to sleep as the Rangers committed eleven penalties to Pittsburgh's six. The Ranger's were 0-6 and the Pens 2-11, both goals were on five on threes. The Rangers could not muster any sustained attack and their only goal, by Shanahan, was unassisted.

Jagr played as if he was disoriented. The talk before the game, by the media, was Jagr getting his 600th goal in a place where he started his career. Maybe that is what the Rangers were thinking also. Why get caught up in something like this is beyond me. I guess the whole night tonight will be spent with graphics and such getting ready for the big one. Jagr was harassed all night especially by Jarkko Ruutu, who seems to have a thing against Jagr. You remember it was Ruutu who hit Jagr in the Olympics and injured him. In two games against the Rangers Ruutu has gone out of his way to nail Jagr every time he gets a chance. That's hockey. My problem is where are Jagr's defenders to come to his aid. I got news for you. There are not too many on the Rangers. Right now, I count two, Ryan Hollweg and Colton Orr.

Hollweg in 9:02 of ice time got 5 hits and tangled with Penguin tough guy Thorburn. Orr got 2:39 of ice time and no hits. Perhaps the pounding by Brashear in the Washington game took the spirit out of him. Anyhow, the Rangers have six more games against Pittsburgh and the Ruutu situation aginst Jagr must be addressed. The Rangers cannot have Jagr pounded every time they play Pittsburgh. The Rangers need toughness and they need it now, not at playoff time.

The Rangers need a Keith Tkachuk and they need him now. St. Louis is going nowhere and they have the fourth worst record in the NHL. Tkachuk is still a force at 6'2" and weighs 231 pounds. He leads the Blues in scoring with 18 points and is second in goal scoring with six. He is a NHL number one center. The Rangers do not have a number one center. Tkachuk's addition will put the Ranger centers in their annointed spots. Nylander #2, Cullen #3 and Betts #4. It would put Jason Ward back on the wing where he belongs. Unless we make a move quickly the Rangers will fall further behind the Devils and perhaps the Penguins and Islanders also. These teams are all tougher than the Rangers.

Speaking of toughness why is Kasparaitis still on the bench while pansies like Malik and Ozolinsh are in the lineup giving games away? Ozolinsh coughed up the puck three times last night, threw the puck into the screen for a penalty which led to a five on three goal for Pittsburgh. He also compiled no shots and no hits. And Kasparaitis can't crack this lineup? Bench Malik and Ozolinsh tonight and play Kaspy and Pock.

ICINGS: You still think that Brian Leetch is too old to play for this team?

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  • topshelf22 said...

    not only is this lack of goals (even if they are 5th in the league) hurting, but it seems whoever designed the Blueshirts' schedule had it in for our boys too. The have 5 back to back games in the month of November, and all are against good teams (SJ/Anaheim, ATL/Caps, NJ/Carolina, PIT/TB, PIT/buffalo). they're 4-3 going into Tampa, but playing a fast and skilled Buffalo team a night after playing Pittsburgh later this month isn't going to be easy. On top of that 2 nights later they take on the high powered Thrashers offense (although they fared well against them last week). it just doesn't seem normal to me to have 5 back to back games in a month.
    PS: Bring back Leetch!!

  • mike said...

    topshelf22-And 3 back to backs in December, 3 in February and 4 in March/April. They are reviewing January to see why no back to backs. Definitely bring back Leetch,