Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holik's Revenge

Bobby Holik got his revenge on Glen Sather tonight. He not only scored the winning goal in OT, his second of the night, but he ran over one of Sather's prize acquisitions, Aaron Ward, to bang in his own rebound in a 5-4 Ranger loss.

There was Aaron Ward, sprawled on the ice, while Holik and the Thrashers raised their sticks in triumph. Now where have we seen that before? Aaron Ward sprawled on the ice while the other team skates off with a win.

Ward is the guy that Glen Sather went after because he was on a Stanley Cup winning team. Tough guy Brendan Witt was the D man that Sather should have signed. Witt has the toughness that this Ranger team so desperately lacks. The other signee by Sather is the equally disappointing Matt Cullen. Remember, Brendan Shanahan called Sather not the other way around.

Speaking of the lack of toughness, how about that Rachunek-Ozolinsh combo? Rachunek refused to use his body as Marion Hossa dipsy-dooed his way to a goal that cut the Rangers lead to 3-2. They say that Ozolinsh's offense has gone south because he is concentrating on his defense. Huh?

On a night that Jaromir Jagr was held scoreless, he missed scoring on another breakaway, and Henrik Lundqvist was human, he should have had Holik's first goal, the Ranger defense collapsed in the third period and in over time. Adam Hall, getting PP time, scored two goals, Straka recorded another highlight film goal and Michael Nylander tied it in the third from close up.

But the defense folded. Tyutin was the lone exception, dishing out some hard hits. The other five were useless and looked like they were spinning rather than holding their ground and leaving Lundqvist defenseless. This then is the defense that Darius Kasparaitis cannot crack? This then is the defense that young Thomas Pock cannot buy a shift? This then is the defense that Brian Leetch is too old to play for?

The Thrashers are a sure fire playoff team with their net crashing style. The Rangers are not a playoff type team with their perimeter offense and soft as mush defense. The Rangers as they are currently structured are not going to make the playoffs. They need help on the blueline and help on the front line. Plus they could also use help behind the bench and in the corporate office.

For the second night in a row the Rangers lost to a cup contender in OT. The drive by sports media and the Ranger apologists will argue that this means they can play with the best. But can they beat the best, consistently? I say they can't, not with this team.

A lot of empty seats but they will give the usual capacity announcement. Holik was booed constantly. He got the last laugh. You think if Sather showed up he would be cheered?

NY Daily News
Holik sinks Rangers

NY Post

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  • kaspar fan said...

    I love reading your commentary and agree 100%. It's comforting to know that I am not alone in my disgust with the current defensive situation. My utter hate for Ozolinsh and Rachunek leaves me pulling my hair out wondering why THIS is what Kaspar has been left in no man's land for?

    Thanks for an honest read!

  • SundayJack said...

    ditto kaspar fan's comments. I'm wondering what's up with Kaspar? Also enjoy stopping by after every game.

  • mike said...

    kaspar fan-Hang in there. Kaspy sitting is a great mystery. Rachunek and Oh No Ozolinsh are the funniest combo since Abbott and Costello.

  • mike said...

    sundayjack-The great mystery that lies deep in the bowels of Renney's brain.