Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rangers Give It Away

Aaron Ward did not have a very good night tonight. Coupled with Kevin Weekes shaky performance in the third period, it proved deadly to the Ranger hopes of winning three straight against top notch teams. Ward was on ice for Thomas Vanek's wraparound, Jason Pominville's follow up rebound that Weekes played poorly and finally for Daniel Briere's game winner in OT. The worst part of the game winner was that Ward had the puck in his own zone and had plenty of time and room to bang it off the boards and out of danger. Instead he did the unexpected, the unbelievable, he passed the puck further back into the zone. Pressing , Buffalo sensed the opportunity and cashed in the winner. The game ended with Ward on his knees in front of Briere who had his arms extended, signalling the game winner.

There was good news and bad news in this game. The Rangers were 3-6 on the power play and Jagr had a goal, two assists and another possible injury to his shoulder. Petr Prucha continued his resurgence with a goal and then took a puck in the face and came back with a face mask. Weekes played fairly well the first two periods with some great saves but he seemed shaky and uncertain in the third period. The defense still played giveaway. The Rangers coughed up the puck 15 times and the Sabres, a much more disciplined team, gave it up only six times. The chief culprits for the Rangers were Jagr, Rachunek and of course Magical Malik. They each had three turnovers each. Hollweg was the leading hitter in the game with five. However, he took a questionable penalty in the 2nd period which led to Briere's first goal. So you see for every positive there was a negative.

The Rangers five on five game had very little. This has to be improved on if the Rangers are to improve and advance. If Jagr was seriously injured then the Rangers have a problem. The goaltending must be steady. Kevin Weekes cannot carry this team in this wide open league. The Rangers need Lundqvist and need last years Lundqvist. One of my sources at the Garden tells me that the Rangers are considering sending The Prince to Hartford. Rumors also have it that Lundqvist may have an injury that is hindering his game. We hope and pray this is not true. However, look for Lundqvist to start against Florida Wednesday night in Florida. Then we will see if there are any truth to the rumors of demotion or injury.

ICINGS: Before the game we visited Patsy's on 74th and Columbus Ave. It reconfirmed my opinion that they make the best pizza in New York.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Good post..

    I thought Rachunek and Ozo played decent.

    Can't they put Dawes in the lineup for either Orr or Hossa, addtl speed would help. I also think Pock deserves a few games..

  • mike said...

    anonymous-You are right on target my friend. I can't believe there isn't room in this lineup for Dawes and Pock. Renny is coaching scared.

  • JGunther said...


    I was at the game last night and both Pock & Dawes were dressed for the warmups but obviously did not play. I feel Renny likes Orr b/c of his physical play, although I wish they could clone Hollweg and have a line full of them! Pock deserves some ice time, but im not sure who i would bench...probably Melick b/c of the way he has been playing! As far as Dawes goes...once Ortmayer comes back, he wont even be on the roster!

    Patsy's pizza is good...have you tried grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge?

    Also - I just started my own blog ( and was wondering how did you get the scores and news on the right side of your page???

  • Donny E. Brook said...

    I'm really concerned about Lundqvist, without him getting back to last year's form - I don't see how they can have much of a season. He say's he's lost "focus" - will more time on the ice in Hartford bring it back??

  • mike said...

    igunther-never been to grimaldis. I doubt if we ever see Malik benched.

  • mike said...

    donny e. brook-Lundqvist's focus will return when he gets some tough defensemen in front of him.