Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where Did The "O" Go?

Since dismantling the high powered Thrashers on November 10th 5-2, the Ranger offense has gone into a funk. The drive by main media are all writing about what a tough game it was to lose and how they lost it on a giveaway. Nonsense, the offense has gone south in the last three games. I know, you are going to tell me about the three goals we scored against the Devils. Those goals were scored in 90 seconds. We were scoreless for 58:30 minutes. In fact, since the Atlanta game, taking out the 90 second abberration, the Rangers have scored 2 goals in 178:30 minutes. The two goals were scored on the power play.

So what's the problem? Brendan Shanahan has 14 goals. The Rangers have 64 goals. Brendan Shanahan has 26% of the Ranger goals. Brendan Shanahan is the guy who called Glen Sather saying he wanted to play for the Rangers. Sather never persued him or had any intention of persuing him. The point to all this? Where would the Rangers be without Brendan Shanahan?

The defense has particularly hurt the Rangers. The entire defense has scored 6 goals and Thomas Pock, who has appeared in only five games has one of them. By contrast, Pittsburgh, the Rangers next opponent has gotten eight goals from its defensemen, two each from Gonchar and Whitney. While the Rangers still rank fifth in the NHL this dropoff in the last few games does raise some alarms.

There are seven Rangers who have no goals at all. In fact, two of the players, Hollweg and Orr have no points at all. Marcel Hossa has two assists but that was because he was fortunate enough to have Jagr on his line. Meanwhile a goal scorer like Nigel Dawes sits in Hartford now, when he should be getting regular shifts with the Rangers. The shifts he did get added up to 4 minutes of ice time. Who would you rather see playing, Hossa or Dawes?

Renney wanted to bring the goals against average down as it was among the highest in the league. The Rangers now have the sixth highest goals against in the NHL. Did bringing down the goals against also bring down the goals per game? Most of you may think I'm nuts writing about a scoring problem for a team that is fifth in scoring right now. However, should Jagr or Shanny go down for any reason it will be a long season.

ICINGS: I think we should give credit to Weekes for again coming off the bench for a fine performance. The two returning heroes gave up the winning goal. Aaron Ward with his weak clear and Matt Cullen for failing to stay with his man.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Playing Ozolinsh and not playing Kaspy, that is confusing? What is Renny thinking?

    What is it about NY, where guys come here like Shanny this year, Jager last year and the catch fire? Last year the Jagr injury spelled the end. Same deal with Shanny this year, he's gotta stay whole. The Rangers are a 1 and 1/2 trick pony?

  • mike said...

    anonymous-You are assuming that Renney actually thinks during a game. Shanny or Jagr go down, go root for the Capitals.