Saturday, December 30, 2006

Seven Come Eleven

Seven losses in a row and heading for the all time Ranger losing streak of eleven accomplished back in 1943 from October 30th til November 27th. They spaced the games out pretty good in those days. That team would lose the first eleven games of the season and wound up winning six games and getting four ties in a fifty game schedule. So breaking that streak would put this team in pretty bad company. Can the Rangers do it?

The way they are playing it is hard to see how they can win another game. I said the other day that the mantra is, how Jagr and Lundqvist go so go the Rangers. While the only goal on a deflection was kind of soft, Lundqvist played another outstanding game. However, it looks like The Prince needs to pitch a shutout every night. Not with this defense kid.

Something or someone is bothering Jagr. He just isn't right. Of course it could be the pounding that he takes every night. It might be the ineptness of the rest of the team, especially the forwards. The Rangers had a 5 minute power play and got off all of 2 shots in the first 3:35 of the PP which ended the first period. The penalty was assessed to Chris Neil for charging Petr Prucha. The penalty was quickly negated at the start of the second period when Michael Nylander was called for hooking. So one game after being benched for a stupid four minute penalty, Nylander took another one. So much for learning lessons.

The inept forwards. Prucha seems completely lost. Cullen is not a second line center. Jason Ward is not a center. Shanahan is tired. Straka seems destined to constantly skate around in circles. Hossa and Hall are, well, Hossa and Hall. Enough said. Hossa and Hall and Orr play and Jarkko Immonen sits. Immonen in 11 games has 4 points. Hossa in 36 games has 3 points and Hall in 38 games has 10 points.

The game was noted for cheap shots by Ottawa which has gone from finesse to intimidation. Chris Neil should have been tossed for his charge on Prucha, and Schubert, not once, but twice kneed Hollweg. He should have been tossed. But with Kerry Fraser as the ref what do you expect.

So tonight it's the Caps who always give the Rangers fits. I'm staying home. I'm as loyal as you can get but I'm not going to ruin my night and my holiday watching Tom Renney screw up another game. Sorry!


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