Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekes - save the highlight reel

The RangerPundit is off on a jaunt to the Caribbean, so maybe the Rangers will go on a winning streak now that they don't have the pressure of performing for the old man. Maybe he will bump into Brian Leetch on his journey south. Kind of like finding that other mythical guy who works one day a year and has a lot of free time - Santa Claus.

Will the Garden crowd start chanting Weekes....Weekes pretty soon?

Comments about the game last night by some bright lights from the army of ten-thousand pundits-in-waiting on the message boards:


Can Weekes make a save without a rebound?
NY Daily News - "He's mentally tough, he certainly has the capacity to deal with that," Renney said. "And I think that's the evolution of a guy into this role. And I'm not suggesting that he's a backup goaltender in this league - not at all.

"If I was a team that needed a goaltender, I'd be phoning the Rangers. I know that."
Are they trying to put the word out that they are ready to deal Weekes?
Give that GOALIE ANOTHER START!! DEFINITELY should be the FIRST STAR!34 SAVES!!! ...His BEST GAME as a Ranger.
...the NHL is becoming very NFL-like with all the parity (or mediocrity, if you prefer).

I still feel like the Rangers, not just this season but for the better part of the decade, struggle against teams they "should" beat; teams with worse records, far less talent, etc... We'll be riding a streak of well-played games, and a cold team will come into MSG and blank us. Conversely, we'll be cold and then shock someone or at least take them down to the wire.

Maybe it's just that I'm a frustrated fan, but the level of consistency displayed by this team is maddening. I don't know if it's coaching, or focus, or just soft players. It sure can be damn painful to be a Rangers fan, though, that's for sure.
...I really hope Hossa can chip in some goals. The guy has been fantastic over the last 3 games.

Roszival has been tremendous as well. I am eating a bunch of Rio crow lately.

Hollweg and Prucha worry me. Hollweg was really late with a bunch of hits yesterday, and Prucha is pressing so much that he was out of control and out of position a bunch. Yes, he created a great chance with hustle, but the rest of the time he looks like he his fighting the puck all over the place. He totally looks out of synch.

Immonen is going to start scoring goals. He has been responsible defensively and has been in good position to score goals. His first will be an "ugly" goal, guarenteed.

Cullen is defintely a 3rd line guy. He has had so many chances and just can not finish.

Ward played better, Malik had some nervous moments but is playing pretty well. Kasper was really struggling, holding guys all over the place. For every penalty he took, he could have been called for another one. Rachunek played ok again. To me, if Kasper can't improve, they really need to put him and Ozolinsh on waivers and get someone who can check with Rachunek.

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