Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The End Is Near

Dominick Hasek played poorly to start the game which led to a 3-1 Ranger lead going into the third period. Henrik Lundqvist played poorly in the third period and that led to a 4-3 Red Wings win. Basically that is what happened last night in a very poorly played game in which the Rangers showed very little emotion. The Rangers are a portrait of their coach. Lifeless, emotionless, colorless and timid. The end is near.

Can Sean Avery change this? Not if he gets no more than four minutes of ice time. Not if he is spotted on the fourth line. Not if Tom Renney decides that he needs to be Rangerized. Rangerized is never throwing the first hit. Rangerized is the defense playing with their sticks, and God knows what else, rather than their bodies. Rangerized is going east west rather than north south. Its the figure eight, perimeter game, rather than crashing the net.

But we need more than Sean Avery. We botched it up during pre season with acquisitions like Matt Cullen and Aaron Ward, two of the biggest culprits on the team. Ward was in fine form last night watching the third and tying goal by Detroit and taking a stupid penalty less than a minute later which led to the winning goal. Cullen? He was his usual ineffectual self during the game and his most talkative after the game.

The good news? None. The bad news? Jagr is hurt again. Now that we got a guy who might protect him, he is hurt. Want more bad news. We play the Devils tonight in Jersey.

ICINGS: The Rangers put on another of their feel good meetings that accomplished nothing. There was Gilbert, Larouche, Brian Mullen and Anderson and we rehashed old times. Old times include, for me at least, one cup in 1940 and one cup in 1994. How about we have these meetings and we discuss The Future and where we are going not where we were. There was Steve Sommers of the WFAN on the way home discussing how the Rangers need good guy Don Maloney as the GM. What? The guy who brought the Islanders to their knees as a GM. The guy who was one of the dumber players in the NHL. Give me a break. I'm getting tired of this group ineptitude and good guy mentality. Bring in a sob like Mike Keenan who will kick butts and get results. I'm getting older and crankier.

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