Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fire Sather And Renney

Forget the score, 3-2 Columbus, forget the shots on goal, 42-25 Rangers, after opening up with a 2-0 lead after only 5:11 into the game the Rangers were completely outworked by a terrible Columbus team, 14th in the Western Conference and 28th overall in the entire NHL. It was one of the worst debacles in the history of Ranger hockey and believe me there have been many.

A minor league goalie by the name of Fredrik Norrena made 42 saves and the stupid New York hockey writers didn't even make him one of the three stars of the game. Underachiever super star Rick Nash was voted number one, Jason Chimera was number two and Blair Betts was number three.

If ever a team needed a wakeup call, this is the team. This debacle calls for the firing of Tom Renney and his able accomplice, Glen Sather. Not once all year has Renney gotten this team to play above their level and soar to new heights. Name a big game and the Rangers can't win it. Hey the guy is 0-4 against the Islanders who are now six full points ahead of us. We are now seven points behind Carolina for the final playoff spot and all those games in hand we had are slowly disappearing. Sather and Renney should be canned for putting together the most imperfect of teams. They fooled Dolan, a culprit in this collapse, they fooled themselves and they fooled the New York drive by sports media who picked the Rangers to win the Cup. However, they never fooled the fans.

The fans, the faithful, should now retaliate and stay home for the rest of the season. Let these underachievers play to empty seats. Yes, I know you have already purchased the seats but let me tell you how much money you will save and get less aggravated. No commuting and no parking lot fees. No tab at the Play By Play. No dinner at the Club Restaurant and most important will be the money you save on that 'cheap' 3.2 beer that the Garden makes a fortune on. Hell the bottle water alone goes for $4.25 per bottle. This will cut into Dolan's profits and when you think about it he is the biggest culprit for stating that Sather has a job for life.

However the man who has a job for life is the biggest culprit responsible for this mess with his terrible off season moves. His trading away of Dominic Moore for Adam Hall was a disaster which he later acknowledged by trading the slow footed non productive Hall for the quick footed non productive Pascal Dupuis. By trading Moore he broke up the HMO line, Moore, Ortmeyer and Hollweg. This line was a key element in last years regular season success. Sather's free agency signings also led to the Ranger downfall as role players like Cullen and Aaron Ward were put into key roles that they could not handle. In two years since the resumption of play the man who is set for life has not signed one free agent who has made a positive mark on the Rangers. Have you forgotten Oh NO Ozolinsh? Don't count Shanahan, he called us we did not call him. By the way, if Shanny is smart he will sit out the rest of the season and not take a chance on a more serious injury by coming back this year. These Rangers are going nowhere.

How bad was tonight's game? Columbus, which doesn't have a twenty goal scorer, scored two shorthanded goals. You could make a case that both goals were scored from angles that could have been stopped. It was the Rangers sloppy play on the power plays that led to the shorthanded goals. Ward was benched for Pock and I don't know why. However, Rozsival and Rachunek and Malik were still around to do damage and to be kind they weren't very good tonight. How could you fault Lundqvist? In the last twenty four games Lundqvist has a 1.94 GAA and a save percentage of .926. Yet in these twenty four games the Rangers are 11-11-2, Imagine giving up less than two goals a game and we are .500 in twenty four games. No surprise, look at our overall record, 29-27-6. We have lost more games than we have won and we kid ourselves that we will make the playoffs.

So where is the offense? Last year Jagr registered 54 goals. This year, counting tonight, he has twenty two. He will be hard pressed to make the thirty goal mark. The talk will continue on making the playoffs, that's the party line. Renney was proud of the point he got in the Devil loss. I wonder what he will say tonight. I didn't catch it but it will be serious and pompous.

However, there are fans who should go to the games. These are the idiots who insist on chanting Potvin sucks while the Rangers were trying to tie the score. This show goes on every night and it is a bad tired show. I think they are at the game to show themselves off as prime time idiots. How else to explain the idiotic chant that goes on almost thirty years after this Hall Of Famer, multiple Norris Trophy winner and four time Stanley Cup winner has retired. If they must continue the chant I'll give them some names to substitute for Potvin. Dolan! Sather! Renney! Rangers!

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  • Anonymous said...

    Renney is the best coach i have seen and sather has made all the right moves this season. it took a while to build a team that could win the cup. they have that now. the situation the rangers were in before the lock out was very bad. they both took the rangers to the top.