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Jaromir Jagr is tripped up by Matt Stajan
Tom Renney is an idiot. How else to explain his post game comments. After lasts night game he proclaimed that"if we can play like this we will win a lot of games." What? He said the same thing after the Devil's 1-0 loss. I have news for Tom Renney. The Rangers have played like that the last six games. In that span Henrik Lundqvist has given up nine goals in six games. That's a Vezina Trophy 1.50 GAA. Guess what? In those six games the Rangers, despite Lundqvist's heroics, have lost three of those games. However, the Rangers have scored thirteen goals in the last six games. Sounds good right? That's a shade over two goals per game. They scored six goals in one game against the Bruins and three goals in another game against the Bruins. They leaves four goals in four games, three losses. But Renney wants the Rangers to continue to play that well. If they do, the season will be over by the trade deadline.

Want more proof about Renney? He benched Ryan Hollweg, to send him a message, to wake him up. Huh? Ryan Hollweg, while he has no points, is fifth in the league in hits with 149. Renney wants to send a message, a wakeup call? I have all kinds of people he can send messages to like Marcel Hossa who got 13:25 of insignificant ice time on the significant number two line. How about Adam Hall, or Marek Malik or Karel Rachunek or Jason Krog? Renney benched Hollweg for Colton Orr and while I don't have a problem with Orr, play him. Renney gave Orr all of 4:40 of ice time.

There were no in game line changes. Renney recycled the same lines with minor or no changes. Maybe its time to put the whole deal on one line and Shanahan should be part of that line. Jagr, Shanahan and Straka would make one super line so when they double up on Jagr maybe Shanahan can get free. I think it's time to break up the lines. Shanahan had a point after the game about the many uncalled fouls that are foisted on Jagr. Last night there was a deliberate cross check in the back, at least one good takedown and numerous clutches and holds on Jagr with no calls. The Rangers were 1-2 on the power play while Toronto was 1-6.

I believe the suits were up in the executive suites. Time and objectives are not on the Rangers side right now. If Sather doesn't do something soon the Rangers will be out of the playoffs by the trade deadline and will become sellers instead of buyers. There are three options right now:

1. Go after Keith Tkachuk. Without him or a player of his caliber there is no playoff and no playoff means no cup. However, the price will be steep.

1a. Go get Gary Roberts from Florida. Yes he is forty years old but he is still one tough cookie and could probably be had for a draft pick.

2. Bring up a slew of rookies from Hartford and elsewhere. The fans would love to see a line of Callahan, Dubinsky and Dawes and defensemen Marc Staal and Ivan Baranka.

3. Call up the movers, back up the truck and unload: Malik, Rachunek, AaronWard, Hossa, Hall and Weekes. Get whatever you can for them if anyone would even want them.
ICINGS: The Gardens SRO had its usual scattering of empty seats and too many Toronto fans. Are Ranger fans giving up and peddling their seats to the visiting teams fans? I notice it a lot with Islander fans and Devil fans but the Toronto crowd took me by surprise.
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  • Anonymous said...

    Shanny was right in ripping the refs. Jagr should be drawing penalties every night, but the refs just let him get pummeled. It's frustrating to not get the calls and to have Renney playing veteran bums. Maybe when more empty seats will bring about some change?

  • mike said...

    anonymous-I doubt it. The corporate guys and gals keep the franchise alive.

  • Jim said...

    As for all the Leafs fans, thanks for mentioning that. Watching the TSN feed, I couldn't believe the roar of approval on the Leafs goals, took me totally by surprise, sounded more like the Islanders were in the house.

  • mike said...

    jim-That is the first sign that your base is starting to stay home.