Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rangers Stick It To Themselves

On a night that saw losses to Toronto and Carolina the Rangers literally stuck it to themselves tonight and lost a killer to the Devils. Brodeur was good and lucky. Lundqvist was good but unlucky. Karel Rachunek, who along with Aaron Ward, seems to be on the ice a lot when bad things happen to the Rangers was again the culprit.

The Rangers were pressuring Brodeur late in the third period and then the Devils broke out on a four on two and Lundqvist made the original save on Parise who recovered his own rebound and threw a backhand toward the net headed straight for Lundqvist but Rachunek shot his stick out and put the puck behind Lundqvist. The first goal the Devils scored was also kind of flukey. Rafalski's shot hit the post and then caromed off of Lundqvist's back into the net. Better to be lucky than good.

The Rangers outshot the Devils 36-26 and Jagr had no shots on goal. Sean Avery, who called Brodeur a whiner while being interviewed on MSG2, annoyed him and the Devils constantly and was instrumental on the Rangers goal. He also got into a pushing contest with Brodeur where Marty overreacted and fell backward. Avery got an extra penalty for that. That led to Cam Janssen screaming from the bench at Lundqvist after that threatening retaliation. The only thing Janssen got was Colton Orr in the third period. I would say that Orr won the decision.

All in all a very disappointing evening. Time is running out on the Rangers who are losing games without points. They had some golden chances in front of Brodeur but they couldn't shoot straight. In the case of Rachunek, they do better in their own net rather than the oppositions.

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  • Anonymous said...

    I'm getting to be a big Sean Avery fan. I like his "get in the face" additude. Do you think he's a big plus, a small plus, or a negative?

  • mike said...

    anontmous-Avery is a huge plus. He should be on Jagr's line as a form of protection. We need more Avery's.