Monday, February 26, 2007

Rumors Are Flying

Would you believe Mark Messier GM? Craig MacTavish Coach? Adam Graves, either Assistant GM or Assistant Coach? Far fetched and personally I don't believe it, but rumors, according to one of my sources, that a behind the scenes coup may be under way to replace the present management team with the new "old guard" that brought us our first Cup in fifty four years. The change will occur next year as it is almost a given that this year is shot.

While there is concern that Messier may not be quite ready for prime time the feeling is that the Rangers actually went backwards this year. One possibility is keeping Glen Sather as President, handling the money matters and Messier handling the players and trades.

The best part of this deal to me is bringing in a guy like Craig MacTavish to coach. He spent three years with the Rangers as an assistant coach and is in his sixth season coaching the Oilers. In the previous five seasons he has led the Oilers to three playoffs going to the finals last year and losing to the Hurricanes in the seventh game. His overall record as a coach is 190-139-47(ties)-25 (OT losses). The Rangers will then finally get a seasoned coach, something the last three have not brought. He was a successful player, winning a cup with the Rangers, which gives him a jump start on our present coach.

Adam Graves, it goes without saying, is one of the Rangers most popular players. He was dissed by Sather but has returned and done a wonderful job in the PR area. He would be immensely popular with the fans regardless which assistant job he takes. He brings a strong resume as a hard nose winning player.

So there it is. The return of the three amigos who were strongly responsible for the Rangers success in winning the Cup. Do you believe it could happen? Do you believe it will happen? Personally I don't think so but we couldn't do any worse. There are eight million people in New York and there are about sixteen million rumors. You have just heard one of them.


February 27, 2007
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  • Ramblin' Pete said...

    I liked Don Maloney as a player and all, but his "abilities" as a GM have always been Duquette-ishly suspect.

    So inept was he in a front office capacity for the Islanders, that we used to joke that he was a "mole" for the Rangers, pulling off one inept move after another as the Islanders spiraled into ever deepening decline. His presence makes me uneasy.

    I would welcome the changes you project with open arms.

  • mike said...

    ramblin' pete-I believe most of the fans would welcome it.

  • Down by the Seaside said...

    Look at the way James Dolan has run his businesses into the ground. Then try and convince me that he would actually go against his often-made public statements about Sather having "a job for life."

    Nope. Sorry, rumour mongers: we've got Sather for a good long while, and his sidekick Maloney. Classic case of a "has been and a never was."

  • mike said...

    down by the seaside-You are probably right. We have to get rid of Dolan somehow.