Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sean Avery Shines In Debut

Now I know why the Rangers voted to stay with the present schedule. Even though the Devils are about twenty points ahead of the Rangers we play our best hockey against them. Last night we should have won. The addition of Sean Avery gave the Rangers something they have been missing since Esa Tikkanen annoyed the hell out of everyone he met. Remember him kissing one of his antagonists? Chico Resch, the Devils color guy, was ecstatic about Avery. Words like, the Rangers could use more guys like him and, he certainly brings more to the trade than I thought. In 17:30 (wow) of ice time he got 4 shots, 1 hit and two takeaways and numerous run ins after the whistles. We will find out soon if this is a one game wonder or the real deal. Also, is it too late? Avery was on the second line with Shanahan and Cullen. I would have preferred Prucha instead of Cullen but who knows what goes in the mind of Tom Renney.

While the Rangers picked up a point, they lost ground to the Pens, the Canes, the Lightning and the Maple Leafs, all above them who all won. The days are getting short and there are too many teams to pass. If there are any more deals in the bag now is the time to pull them out as February 27th will be too late. Sather made the comment that if the Rangers were out of it by then he would bring up some young guys. Why wait? Bring them up now.

Jaromir Jagr was voted the number one star. He scored the tying (2-2) goal, got six shots on goal, a hit and two takeaways. I thought he was hooked by Rafalski in the second period on a breakaway. I've seen less infractions called. Maybe it is time for Jagr to take some diving lessons. Why no Jagr during the shootout? He is the man. He must step up in these situations and take control.

The Rangers blew the game in OT when they were on a four on three power play. They could only get three shots on goal in a full two minutes. They missed the net at least three times on point blank shots. Maybe they should have had Sean Avery out there.

ICINGS: Just in case you missed it. October 30, 2006 - The day Jaromir Jagr almost killed Sean Avery -

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  • Walker Texas Ranger said...

    I give Avery a 9.0 out of 10 on that dive. Nice tuck and roll.

  • NYCWickedWrister said...

    Like I've said all along, this Avery deal is 3-4 weeks too late. And it's not even worth crying out for the youngsters from Hartford because we've needed that all year and continued with the re-treads that are already up here. It's amazing Sather even spoke to the press after how quiet he's been all year. Maybe he just woke up from a nap or something.

    From the Igloo to Flatbush -

  • mike said...

    walker texas ranger-Would have gotten a ten with a home town judge.

  • mike said...

    nycwickedwrister-Too little too late from Rip Van Sather.