Saturday, May 05, 2007


All the right things are being said today by the Rangers and there are rumors of some lineup changes. Biggest one is that Nigel Dawes will be penned into the starting lineup. I will believe that one when I see it. Spent the morning at The Rinx in Hauppage and my Grandson Nicholas' coach blurted out to me, "What the hell was Jaromir Jagr doing on the ice at the end of the game"? And this from an Islander fan. I have been hearing it all day. Would you believe that the Jagr, Nylander, Isbister line is the line that Renney wanted out there? With guys like Betts, Avery, Ortmeyer and Shanahan available, Renney made the wrong pick, again. I think he was hoping for an empty netter from Jagr but wouldn't admit to that.

I would like to see a lineup change. I would like to see Colton Orr, who played four games against Atlanta and kept complete law and order, back in the lineup on the opening shift against Dainius Zubrus, who has gotten carte blanche against Jagr the entire series with not a bit of retaliation against by any Ranger. Is there anyone else but me who is getting tired of seeing this goon deliberately trying to hurt someone on the Rangers, especially Jagr?

I would like to see the power play go back to two units with Shanahan and Jagr each playing on a different unit. I would like to see Renney act like a coach and replace the players who refuse to shoot the puck. When it comes to power play time it becomes the Jaromir Jagr show and making that perfect third or fourth pass seems more important than putting some pucks on the net. Maybe the fans can help with the 'shoot the puck" chant. Also, I want to see Paul Mara in front of the net when the second unit comes on with Cullen and Shanahan at the points. However, I think its too late for Renney to become a creative coach, its not in his M.O.

Contrary to the opinion, mostly of Buffalo people, we are not dead yet. Remember, we were down 3-2 and swept the last two games from the Devils, who also scored a tying goal against us with 7.7 seconds left in the seventh game of that series. So besides having to live with that dreaded two goal lead all year we now have to live with the last 7.7 seconds left in a game.

So we hold serve at the Garden, where we have won nine straight, including four in the playoffs, and we go back to Buffalo and we win the series. We have pissed away two games up there already, and should have won this series in five. Maybe three times will be a charm and Renney will get it right this time. But first things first, tomorrow afternoon at the Garden in front of the faithful. I'll be there. "It ain't over til its over".

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  • Anonymous said...

    If I were a beat writer the title of my article after that game would have been "Refs hand Sabers game 5." With 16 seconds left the Ranges manage to win the face off. Girardi makes it to the corner first but is tied up by Zubrus who reaches around and grabs Girardi’s stick so he can’t play the puck. OK I can see how the refs missed that call, but after moving the puck both Girardi and Tyutin scramble towards the front of the net and Zubrus tackles both of them. That’s three penalties in 5 seconds. Now remember the Sabers pulled their goalie so its 6 on 5 but our 2 defensemen are on the ice in the corner so its more like a 6 on 3 so Drury is wide open without a man on him to burry the rebound. Just down right horrible officiating. Don’t even get me started with the Betts penalty. This is over time in the eastern conference semifinals and you call a player for tapping the guy on the elbow? Let them play is all I’m asking for. Now I know Sabers fans will probably say they outplayed the Rangers and should have won anyway and I probably wouldn’t disagree with them that much. But that doesn’t take into account the outstanding play of Lundqvist. He outplayed everyone on the ice and deserved the win for his effort. I haven’t given up, I think the Rangers have proven that they can play against the Sabers. Hopefully they will have a good game six! LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  • mike said...

    anonymous-The Rangers need to take care of Zubrus. Lundqvist is the MAN. 4th in GAA and Save % with a 1.76 and .935. Refs have been atrocious. Leaving for the game now.