Monday, June 11, 2007

I May Be Wrong..... But.....

Has Michael Nylander signed his exit out of the Garden by demanding a $4 Million plus deal per year? Is he worth it? The Rangers might decide to jettison Jaromir Jagr's buddy and go for a grand slam by signing Chris Drury of Buffalo and Scotty Gomez of the Devils. Then the two of them could fight and see who works better with Jagr and who becomes number 1 and who becomes 1A. Should be interesting.

Islander fans always seem happier when one of their 'heroes' leave the team. Look how ecstatic they are over Alexei Yashin being cut from the team. Remember they originally gave him a ten year contract. Then they were happy when Mike Milbury left and of course there was Neil Smith and before that there was Don Maloney. It seems everyone is happy when Maloney leaves.

Maybe Sather won't be too happy to see Maloney leave. Bringing in Messier will upset the applecart. Messier blew the whistle on Roger Neilson. He will blow the whistle on Tom Renney and that is good news for Ranger fans. Messier is an action oriented doer not a watcher. He may be the only hope for the demise of Glen Sather.

Alex Stray Rod's antics always reminds me of the late great sports writer for the New Post, Jimmy Cannon's great line, "Why do guys with good looking wives cheat with ugly broads?" Speaking of ARod, isn't it amazing how hot he is in a walk year? Re-sign him and he'll go back into the tank.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed recently refused to talk to the VP, Dick Cheney. His comment was, why talk to a guy with a 35% approval rating. The latest poll showed Dingy Harry with a 19% approval rating. That rating entitles Reed to talk to Don Imus, in a telephone booth.

Wasn't that smart of the Yankees and Roger Clemens to 'groin up' just before the White Sox game and save him for pathetic Pittsburgh. The test will come against the Mets who are planning to bring back Mike 'Broken Bat' Piazza for a reunion.

I want to see Ryan Callahan, Nigel Dawes, Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal and Ivan Baranka on the ice on opening night at MSG.

Would you believe about ninety days left for the opening faceoff? Did anyone besides Mike Emerick watch any of the playoff games? I think they should put the games on Nick at Nite. All the kids watch Nick at Nite and the ratings are three times what the hockey ratings are.

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  • kaspar fan said...

    I've been pondering the possibility of Gomez coming for some time. THAT would be money well spent. And how I obsess over the thought of Messier coming in. Plenty of summer excitement ahead.

  • mike said...

    kaspar fan-Pondering and obsessing that is what has happened to us Ranger fans. I think that would be a positive double play, Scotty and Mess.

  • Anonymous said...

    I think signing Drury would be much more valuable then Gomez. Drury is clutch and as we all remember he was the one who scored the goal with 7 seconds left in Game 5. He wins at every level. I'd rather have him and Nylander than Gomez and Nylander.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-Gomez is also a winner. I don't think we can go wrong with either one of them. Don't you? Maybe we get both and keep Nylander and that would be some trifecta.