Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yankees Go Quitely Again

I know this is a hockey blog, but just a few words on the Yankees. I've been a Yankee fan as long as I've been a Ranger fan. I like the Yankees, but I love the Rangers. I used to love the Yankees too, but then Steinbrenner bought them.

The Yankees must stop the 'buy the star' mentality and keep bringing up the youngsters. The future of the Yanks are in the arms of Hughes, Kennedy, Chamberlain and Wang. The Yankees disgraced themselves in the signing of Clemens. Clemens also disgraced himself in this deal. The Yankees must look at their positional players and people like Giambi, Abreu and A-Rod, yes A-Rod should be let go. I for one am tired of his meaningless record breaking homers which still result in one and out come playoff time. I want to see the Andy Phillips and Shelley Duncans join the Canos and Cabreras to lead the Yankees back.

The other thing, the Yankees must stop having knee jerk reactions to everthing the Red Sox are contemplating. Let the Red Sox bankrupt themselves and pay the A-Rod the $30-35 million per he craves. Joe Torre? Joe, it is time to go. You have built up a record that ranks along with other great Yankee Managers like Stengal, McCarthy and Huggins. You are now a legend. Retire and enjoy. Too many players have become too comfortable with you and a few need a kick in the butt. However, I don't think Tony La Russa is the answer. I think Joe Girardi would be an excellent manager and should be given a shot.

So goodbye baseball, goodbye football as my Jets are also dead and let's concentrate on my first and only love in sports, the New York Rangers. Interesting week coming up with the Isles, Caps and Sens.


Good-bye Joe Russo.

Joe Russo is apparently the road alias of Joe Torre. Joe has to worry about those manager groupies.

The Smoking Gun reported:

In a story this week in The Village Voice, reporter Neil deMause matched aliases with some actual Yankees by comparing the invoice with a separate key that he examined while sifting through documents submitted by the team to New York City's Department of Parks & Recreation, which oversees the club's Yankee Stadium lease. Here's a Who's Who from the 2005 squad: Johnny Drama (Jeter); Simon Phoenix (Mike Mussina); Bruce Almighty (Don Mattingly); Ricky Ricardo (Jorge Posada); Joe Saturday (Hideki Matsui); Sam Adams (Randy Johnson); Richard Long (Bernie Williams); Turd Ferguson (Jaret Wright); and Austin Powers (Ruben Sierra). We're not sure why outfielder Matt Lawton used the "Eleven Fifty" alias, but Luis Sojo apparently went by "Harry Pelotas" because the fake surname translates to "balls" in Spanish. As for the true identities of Johnny Blaze, Ray Charles, Davey Crockett, Jack Daniels, Payne N. Deneck, Fyfe, Bo Jackson, Bruce Lee, Leon, Ghost Ryder, Charlie Wattsizname, and Randy White, well, that's a mystery. But we're pretty sure that "Joe Russo" is manager Joe Torre and that "Alex Emanuel" is Alex Rodriguez, who appears to use his actual middle name as his phony surname.
Do you think the Rangers get rooms like this on the road? It looks like Joe got the penthouse. [click to enlarge hotel bill, 2 pgs]

NY Yankees hotel bill with aliases

NY Yankees Hotel bill with aliases

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