Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hockey Fight Camp

Here are some pictures and snips about Minnesota Wild enforcer Derek Boogaard's hockey fighting camp for kids. Meantime, the Rangers are planning a camp featuring the perimeter offense and penalty killing for Ranger Land kids next summer.

Aaron (black jersey), left and Derek (green jersey) Boogaard, right at hockey fight campAaron (black jersey) and Derek (green jersey) Boogaard

Boogaard brothers offer fighting tips to young hockey players at - snip:
REGINA - When Aaron and Derek Boogaard take a wannabe tough guy to school, they usually do it on the ice.

The venue switched to the classroom this week when the Boogaard brothers - who make the Hansons of Slapshot fame look like lightweights - staged their inaugural hockey fighting camp at a Regina training centre.

The clinic included more 30 registered players from age 12 to 18 who signed on to receive a crash course from two of the toughest customers in the game.

"We're out here to show kids how to look after themselves when they're on the ice," said Derek Boogaard, a 25-year-old enforcer with the NHL's Minnesota Wild.

"We're showing them the little things that would help them out, rather than them learning the hard way and getting hurt."

You'd be hard pressed to find two more qualified instructors.

Derek Boogaard, also known as the Boogeyman, is coming off his second full season with Minnesota. At 6-foot-7 and 260 pounds, he's regarded by many as the most intimidating pugilist in the NHL. ...
Hockey fighting campOrganizers defend Regina hockey fight camp at - snip:
A controversial summer hockey camp that teaches youth how to scrap on skates is attracting censure from critics who fear the youngsters are being groomed for hockey mayhem.

But organizers defend the fight camp, saying it teaches players to protect themselves.

"We're not trying to make it more fights in hockey," said Trevor Lakness, general manager of Puckmasters. "What we're doing is if kids get into fights, they're not going to get hurt, they're going to know how to protect themselves." ...
More on fighting technique at kidzworld - snip:

Whether you agree with violence or not, there is a certain excitement when you watch two players beat the snot out of each other on the ice. A hockey scrap always gets the crowd going and it can change the momentum of a game. Good players, like NHL superstar Mario Lemieux don't fight, but even they know how to defend themselves.

Proper Fighting Skills:
What's the best way to protect yourself if you're in a hockey fight? Dustin McArthur plays for the Corpus Christie Ice Rays of the WPHL. He runs a hockey fight camp during the summer for kids. "The most important thing is where you grab your opponent. You should grab around the elbow so your opponent can't get his arm up. If he can't get his arm up, he can't hit you," says McArthur. "The more things about the game you know how to do, the better. A player who can score, check and fight is more valuable than a player that can only score," he says....

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