Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lady Hockey Bloggers / Hockey's Ladies of Greatness

Just in case you are a shut-in male hockey fan, and don't get out much, you should know that women love NHL hockey. In fact, there are now dozens of women who write hockey blogs. Some of them have organized the Hockey's Ladies of Greatness website. Here are a few pictures of these hip hockey lady bloggers and links to their blogs.

Hockey's Ladies of Greatnesslady hockey bloggers - click to enlarge

Lady Hockey bloggers:
  1. Acid Queen at Sweet Tea, Barbacue, and Body Checks - Hurricanes
  2. Jocelynn at A Sharks Fan Knits Hockey - San Jose Sharks
  3. Sherry at Scarlett Ice - Ottawa Senators
  4. Loxy at Hot Oil - Edmonton Oilers
  5. Shmee at Capital Addiction - Washington Capitals
  6. Cassie (with Finny) at Anaheim Duck fan - Anaheim Ducks
  7. Sasky at Five For Writing - general NHL
  8. Bethany's Hockey Rants - Columbus Blue Jackets
  9. The Prez at Hot Oil - Edmonton Oilers
  10. Hockeygirl at double_d(ion) - Calgary Flames
  11. Caps Chick at A View from the Cheap Seats - Washington Capitals
  12. Rinslet at Canucks fangirl - Vancouver Canucks
  13. Alana at Hot Oil - Edmonton Oilers
  14. Finny at Girl with a Puck - Anaheim Ducks
  15. Nadine at Flyers Femme - Philadelphia Flyers
  16. Kristan at eager to go psycho - Philadelphia Flyers
  17. Heather at So Very Obsessed - Boston Bruins
  18. Schnookie & Pookie at Interchangeable Parts - New Jersey Devils
  19. OnyxStarr at Coyotes Hip Check - Phoenix Coyotes
  20. jordi at Girls Don't Love Hockey - Montreal Canadiens
  21. A Quiet Girl at hockey will tear us apart - Ottawa Senators
  22. Rebecca at So Very Obsessed - Boston Bruins
  23. McPhizzle at Musings of a Radical Redhead - San Jose Sharks
  24. Steph at No Pun Intended - Detroit Red Wings
  25. Kristan at Land of Lakes and Hockey - Minnesota Wild
  26. Teka at Talk Hockey To Me - general NHL
  27. Heather at Top Shelf - Buffalo Sabres
  28. Elly at No Pun Intended - Pittsburg Penquins
  29. Cat at untypical girls - Dallas Stars
  30. Leanne at - Calgary Flames
  31. KMS2 at Purple Crushed Velvet - LA Kings
  32. Margee at Sport Squee - NY Islanders
  33. Tracy at True Coyote Love - Phoenix Coyotes
  34. Colleen TheHockeyChick at Two Minutes in the Sin Bin - St. Louis Blues
  35. The Ladies of HLOG

HLOG key

HLOG: Hockey's Ladies of Greatnessnot pictured

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  • Bethany said...

    That is freaking adorable!!

  • jb said...

    Thanks Bethany. It was a labor of love. Lots of fun stuff out there in the hockey blogosphere. Glad we found your new digs.

  • KMS2 said...

    jb, thanks for the link and shoutout to HLOG and our individual blogs! Like Bethany, I think the "collage/pic" is adorable!

  • Shmee said...

    Its awesome! Can I borrow it and cross link to my site?

  • McPhizzle said...

    That is so great! thanks for the publicity! :) I also think the collage is awesome - kind of represents a cross-cut of our creativity and individuality. Cheers!

  • Tracy said...

    Look ma'! We're famous! =P

  • Sherry said...

    This is wonderful and so flattering! Thanks so much!

  • Cat said...

    Awesome! Thanks for the shout-out!

  • Sasky said...

    God I miss the Pink Hair. Things law school makes you give up

  • Heather said...

    aww, that's awesome! thanks!

    one thing, though: soveryobsessed is bruins; not the hurricanes. the hurricanes are acid queen's domain.

  • jb said...

    Thank you very much, all.

    My apologies, for the slow reply.

    Shmee, You or anyone of the HLOG can certainly borrow, alter, or use the mosaic anyway that you want to.

    Heather, Very sorry for the error. It's been corrected. I did know you (SVO) were the Bruins, but just fat-fingered the cut and paste.

    Maybe someone would like to implement a HLOG photo mosaic using something like the coffeecup image mapper software:

    That way clicking on an individual picture will take you to that blog. I looked at doing it, but ran out of steam trying to figure how to do it in blogger. An image map works like that famous Million Dollar Home Page: