Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rangers on the Bubble

It's a guarantee that Mr. Dolan will never catch a cold.
Daily News:
Rangers Again In A Rush To Make Playoffs In Eastern Conference
NY Post:
Sather Shops For Malik Deal
Journal News:
Rangers' Malik 'back in the fold'
Renney Gives Unhappy Malik Amnesty
BlueShirts blog:
Malik returns to practice after one-game exile
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  • Section 335 said...

    The Rangers shoot blanks. Just look at where they shoot the puck from. The other teams just come in front of the net and fire. Look at where Carolina shoots from.

    Why are we taking long shots? We dont want to pay the price. Why are other teams in close. We dont hit.


    Unless there is a big change, no playoffs.

  • Stryker said...

    "big change" = new owner, new GM, new coach, and new players!

    What a joke this team is! Supposed to be #1 in the conference this year, according to the drive-by experts. NOT!

  • jb said...

    Section 335, that shot chart you pointed out tells the whole story. Rangers need to move their offense to the front of the net. It's a team character flaw that I can't believe they're going to solve.

    stryker, I'm almost rooting for a total washout, no playoffs etc, to force the big changes we all want. If they just get into the playoffs and go a round; that perpetuates the mediocrity. It's no fun now.