Sunday, January 20, 2008

Slipping and Sliding Away

Thank God for The Makos, my grandson Nicholas's hockey team that just won the New York Islander sponsored tournament. The Rangers may not be dead yet, but it is not because they are not trying. I didn't see the Ranger game today as I was at the Coliseum watching Nicholas and his teammates win a Championship. Yeah Makos! Boo Rangers!

The Rangers are showing no signs of life, no spirit, no ability to score goals, no discipline, and no chance of making the playoffs. Making the playoffs? They are closer to last place in the conference then first place. What will making the playoffs do? It will make more money for Dolan. It will ensure the return of coach clueless. It will authenticate the philosophy of coach clueless. It will perpetuate mediocrity. It will cause another ticket price increase for next year. It will give false hopes. It will mean bringing back the old warhorses for one more try.

I know that I have been down this road before, but why go out and buy an offense oriented team and give them a defense-first mentality head coach, who has no idea of what an offense should be? Vancouver didn't get rid of him for nothing. The Rangers would be better off coachless and let the players decide the lines and the defensive pairings. The Rangers are 7-12-4 and getting worse. One step forward and two steps back. Out of the last possible 46 points they have gotten 18 points for a winning percentage of .391. Where is that guy who wanted me to moo after the Rangers go ten games over .500? Ten games over .500? They are 22-21-6. In my book that is 27 losses. Hah! This is the NHL and we know that in the NHL all teams are over .500. Well most teams. The Rangers have played 49 games and have 50 points so I guess by NHL standards they are over .500. The Rangers have 33 games left. That's 66 points sitting on the table. To get to ten games over, or twenty points over, the Rangers would have to go 21-12. Hold on to your money.

Today was another futile effort. Dubinsky scored the only goal in the last minute of play. But the offense is okay. We have to tighten up on the defense. Lundqvist has to start getting shutouts. That is what is wrong. Tell me what is wrong when a team is averaging about five penalties a game? The coach can't fix it. He doesn't know how to fix it. Remember when we had a coach who benched Brian Leetch during a playoff game? You think they are going to mention that Thursday night? You think that coach will be there Thursday night? You think the Stealth GM will be there Thursday night? You think the absentee owner will be there Thursday night? For the answer to these and all other Ranger questions please stay tuned.

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Now THAT is something no one is saying...'don't make the playoffs because Dolan makes too much money'.

    Well, a little crossing the line into bitter Pundit...even DARK says take a deep breath, relax and start over for the moment.

    Remember...the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup!!!! All it takes is making the playoffs and playing good hocke.....oh, right...we need to play good hockey!!?'re right!

  • mike said...

    the dark ranger-Thats what I love about you, the more you talk the more you agree with me. We are mirror images of each other.Yes, we have to start playing good hockey. Until that starts all other discussions are meaningless.

  • jb said...

    For the Rangers, 18 of their remaining 33 games will be on the road. Given their poor road record, the Rangers will have to turn on their playoff run very, very soon. Like starting with the 6 road games out of 8 between Jan 29th and Feb 10th. Don't you think the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

    They need more than a couple points out of those 6 road games to keep their hopes alive. It looks pretty grim.

    Jan 22 Atlanta
    Jan 24 Atlanta
    Jan 29 @ Carolina
    Jan 31 @ Phila.
    Feb 1 @ New Jersey
    Feb 3 @ Montreal
    Feb 5 Los Angeles
    Feb 7 Anaheim
    Feb 9 @ Phila.
    Feb 10 @ Washington
    Feb 16 Buffalo
    Feb 17 San Jose
    Feb 19 @ Montreal
    Feb 23 @ Buffalo
    Feb 24 Florida
    Feb 28 @ Carolina
    Mar 2 Phila.
    Mar 4 NY Islanders
    Mar 6 @ NY Islanders
    Mar 9 Boston
    Mar 10 @ Buffalo
    Mar 14 @ Florida
    Mar 15 @ Tampa Bay
    Mar 18 Pittsburgh
    Mar 19 @ New Jersey
    Mar 21 @ Phila.
    Mar 25 Phila.
    Mar 27 New Jersey
    Mar 30 @ Pittsburgh
    Mar 31 Pittsburgh
    Apr 3 @ NY Islanders
    Apr 4 NY Islanders
    Apr 6 @ New Jersey

  • mike said...

    jb-First and foremost that have to start playing good hockey. Unfortunately there is no "Avery Type" spark in the horizon that happened last year.