Thursday, January 17, 2008

Third Line's A Charm

They played a hockey game last night befitting a tenth place team and an eleventh place team. It was easy to see why Buffalo lost their tenth straight and why the Rangers only won their second game in the last eight. Buffalo was missing three key players: Roy, Connolly and Afinogenov were all out for the Sabres. What was the Rangers excuse? The game was played before a less than capacity crowd. There was a good 3-4 thousand short. In the past large contingents of Sabres fans would attend these games. I guess they have given up too. The scalpers are having a tough time this year at the Ranger games.

The third line, the kids, were the story last night and that was the good news. These stupid kids think that you are supposed to keep skating and charging and getting in front of the net and shooting all the time. Dumb kids, they'll learn. Dubinsky (5) and Prucha (6) sandwiched goals around Pominville's (11) to give the Rangers the win, 2-1. Dubinsky, Prucha and Dawes also picked up assists as did Paul Mara, one of the few D-men not afraid to shoot the puck.

The goalies both played well considering the caliber of most of the shots. Lundqvist made 23 saves and lost his shutout when Marek Malik did his worst impersonation of Brian Leetch and pinched too much leading to a Sabre breakout which resulted in Pominville's tying goal. Prucha's goal was the game winner deflecting Mara's shot past Ryan Miller who made 33 saves. The three stars were: number three Blair Betts, who played well on the penalty kills and was tough all night, Dubinsky number two, and Petr Prucha was number one.

Now I will go out and pick up my morning papers where the drive by media will tell me what a great game it was and how the Rangers are turning it around. I already heard that nonsense on WFAN coming home from the station last night. Coach clueless has it all under control. Sure, and the price of gas will fall to $2 a gallon tomorrow.

Let's Go Makos!

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