Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not A Good Point

Flyers win in overtimeIn the end it was two of the Rangers season stalwarts who were responsible for the Ranger defeat tonight. Sean Avery threw a foolish cross ice pass that resulted in Mike Richards winning goal, a soft backhander that Lundqvist should have smothered. Oh yes, Malik could have made a better move, or as Eddie Olczyk, Versus color announcer said, "Malik should have taken Richards down." But I gave up a long time ago depending on Malik for defensive heroics. He was also on the ice for the first goal, scored by Danny Briere.

Both Flyer goals were scored in four-on-four situations. The Rangers only goal was scored by Jagr early in the first period. It triggered off all kinds of career achievements for Jagr. It was his 20th goal of the season, marking the 17th consecutive season he has scored twenty goals. It was the 641st goal of his career putting him in sole possession of 12th place all time. He also moved into ninth place on the all time point list with 1591 points. He played an excellent game drawing two penalties for the Rangers. This should have been a night where the Rangers should have celebrated with a big win but there was no game in the Rangers game. The Rangers played the game for a 1-0 shutout and in the end they lost, the shutout and the game.

The power play was 0-4 and is now something like 3-48 and time is running out to fix it. There are only six games to go before the playoffs, assuming there will be playoffs. Petr Prucha, Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan got no time on the power play while Marc Staal got all of 24 seconds. Brandon Dubinsky played an outstanding game with 8 shots and 5 hits in 22:35 of ice time. However, unless the power play starts to work the Rangers will continue to lose the tight games. It will be their obituary at season's end and the clueless coaching staff don't have a clue on how to fix it.

The Ranger injury list grew to three as Michal Rozsival was scratched due to a leg injury and joined Gomez and Betts on the injured list. The Rangers now have 89 points with six games left to play. They are two points behind the Devils and Senators who are tied for fourth. The Devils have six games to play and Ottawa has five. The Flyers are a point behind the Rangers with five left. The Bruins are in eight place, three points behind the Rangers with six left to play. Washington continues to surge with two points out of eight place with five to play. They are five points behind Carolina for the Southeast lead and Carolina also has five games to play. If Washington gets into the playoffs they will win the Eastern Conference and play for the Cup. And you read that here first. The Dark Ranger must be a very sad man tonight. He is not alone.

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  • Section 335 said...

    Yes, it was a horrific loss. And yes, Malik was the reason for each Flyers goal. What you did not write about on the first goal was that Briere and Prospal did a back and forth play (give and go) to get Henrik out of position, just like you learn in the Pee Wees. The person who was fooled was Malik. Just as you are taught not to be in the Pee Wees. He followed the puck, instead of playing the body or even the stick of Briere. Dumb. Take one shooter out of the play so Henry can concentrate on the other and maybe someone else can slide or play their own man.

    On the second goal Malik had position, but is just too slow. Yes, at that point you take him down!

    I agree with you on the power play too. Score one and we win. We didnt. We lost. Soon we will have the worst power play statistics in all of hockey and a very early exit from the playoffs.

  • Section 335 said...

    Self correction - worst power play in the conference is our next goal - not hockey. Clueless !#%^^&&^

  • Section 335 said...

    Dear Mr. Sather,

    Since your Coach refuses to fix your power play, I have decided to ask you to try this.

    Most National Hockey League teams score more goals on the power play because they use what is known as the umbrella. Most do that because everyone agrees that the key to a power play is puck control. In the middle of the ice, just inside the blue line of the offensive zone, most teams put the player with their best shot. Use Mara for this on the first unit. To his right and left, farther down the ice and along the boards, are two other players. One is a forward and one a defenseman who plays a little bit further up ice. How about Dawes and Stahl? This umbrella is important. If your Mara has a lane, he can shoot. If he does not, because two opponents are coming to him, he can pass to an open man. TRY THIS!! Your idiot coach sets up by keeping the puck against the boards where the options are not so good. Since you cannot pass across the ice, and risk a break away, you have to throw it deep and hope you get it back. Is this puck control?

    And, while he is doing his umbrella, have him try to park in front of the net another forward, some one like Avery who can muscle his way around the opposing defensemen, screen the goaltender, punch in rebounds, and deflect in shots. A little bit higher up (closer to the blue line), but still in the middle, is Jagr. He does not have a powerful shot anymore. However, get him closer to the net and maybe he can still beat the goalie.

    For the second unit, Rossy is the highman in the middle. Shanny takes one side of the umbrella and Prucha the other. Put Dubby and Orr up front and have Orr use his body for screens. Why one defenseman? Shanny is can do a great job of getting back.

  • The Dark Ranger said...

    It comes down to Henrik Lundqvist, simply. All faith and our system has been placed in the our "Pauper's" hands to make up for a our lack of defense. We have to stop blaming Malik, Rozzy, Staal, Girardi....we know what they are - all of 'em. But Henrik is the key and with this kind of play, he won't be able to 'steal' one game in the first round, let alone any subsequent round consideration.

    I am not smiling.

  • Section 335 said...

    Hey Dark R.

    I can blame Malik. He could have stopped each of the Flyers goals.

    I can blame Clueless. He is a stubborn man who refuses to change the power play. Was it not Emerson who said "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."?

    Henrik is not Martin Broduer, Dominick Hasek, Patrik Roy nor Ken Dryden. He is a very, very good goalie. He does his job well. Keeps almost always keeps us in games. Makes hard saves often, even makes them look routine. But, once everyone in the NHL learned he will stop the low shots so shoot high, he rarely steals games. Do not expect that.

    It comes down to Shanny and Jagr. If they find the fountain of youth, and can start to score 5 on 5 and the power play, we will have a lot of hockey still to play.

  • mike said...

    section 335-It is impossible to believe that the power play will be fixed by the playoffs, if we make them. And if we do make them what good will it do the way we are playing.

    Good luck in getting a reply from The Stealth GM. Tell him you are from Edmonton, maybe he will talk to you then.

    I think the fountain of youth died with Ponce de Leon.

  • mike said...

    the dark ranger-I am not smiling either. In fact I am p____d! How many 1-0 games can we win?

  • Section 335 said...

    Mike, you asked how many 1-0 games can we win. The answer is about half. Interesting statistic. Rangers record now is 28-26-11-11. Yup, 11 overtime wins and 11 overtime losses. Those are the 1-0 games. 28 regulation wins and 26 losses. This looks like a pretty average team to me.

  • mike said...

    section 335-Very average, but so are a majority of teams in Bettman's NHL, No Hit League. Its parity and there are no outstanding teams and the Rangers are an average team. Good point.