Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not So Good Friday

All things considered it could have been worse. We probably won't know how bad it is until we see if Gomez's ribs are bruised or broken. At least I'm assuming that is the problem with Gomer. The game was reminiscent of the Devil game with the Rangers trailing by a goal, Richards solo rush, courtesy of Malik's aborted shot from the point. However if Malik giveth, he also taketh as he led the comeback by scoring the Rangers first goal, his second, with 8 minutes to play. Dawes cashed in his twelfth, less than two minutes later and we had a new hockey game.

However, that only lasted about three minutes when Danny Boy Briere notched his twenty sixth to put the Flyers back up. A minute and a half later Jagr tied it, his nineteenth, with some great work by Backman, who kept putting the puck toward the net until Jagr backhanded it in off of a Flyer defenseman. The two points by Jagr tied him for ninth on the all time points list, with the great Phil Esposito. His goal, number 640 career wise, ties him for twelfth place with Dave Andrechuk. The hope is that the goal will get Jagr going for the stretch but we have been hoping that most of the year.

Valiquette played well though he seemed to be lost in the shootout but he did make 27 saves a lot of them big ones. The Rangers seemed to be scrambling quite a bit but that may have been due to the loss of Gomez. The team did rally and played a gutsy game. Backman had his best game as a Ranger with three big assists. The Dark Ranger probably had a mixed night but overall he'll probably take it. The Rangers are 4 points behind Montreal, 3 behind the Devils and six ahead of ninth place Washington that is charging into the playoff picture and will be a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs. You read that here first.

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  • Section 335 said...

    I am pleased to report that Marcel Hossa, after being -7 in 12 games with no goals or assists, did not play in the last Coyotes game.

    Thank goodness he was traded, as clueless would have put him on the first line tonight.

  • mike said...

    section 335-It took the Great Gretzky that long to get wise to him?

    You are correct. As soon as Gomez went down, he would have been there.