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It was the big three that brought it home. It was also a hot tip from Shanahan to the refs that helped a lot. But mainly the big three showed up and showed up big. The Rangers took the home crowd out of the game and at times it was hard to tell who the home team was. It was scoreless at the end of two because the Rangers had to kill off five penalties including a four minute call against Backman, but all hell broke loose in the third period.

Jaromir Jagr constantly shadowed by Colin White and whomever else used his tormentors to score his first goal of the playoffs and gave the Rangers a lead early in the third period and then 23 seconds later The Detriment added his second of the series, which was the game winner. Jagr skated around the net with White all over him and then another Devil, John Madden, joined in. Madden, actually picked White who then hit Brodeur as he headed for the front of the net. Jagr shot found its way off of Brodeur's back and the Rangers were on the board. An unhappy Brodeur, complaining to White, was even more unhappy, 23 seconds later, when Avery blistered a wrister by him for a 2-0 lead which proved to be decisive.

Lundqvist outdueled Brodeur for the ninth time in ten matches this year. Lundqvist had 26 saves and Brodeur had 28. The third period saw the Devils charge the net at every opportunity they had. Rather than looking like hockey the traffic around the net, and Lundqvist, looked more like Rugby scrums. Lundqvist made many outstanding saves, none better than having his left leg on the goal line on a play that was reviewed favorably to the Rangers. Three big plays helped the Rangers down the stretch.

The interference call on Madden with 54 seconds left was probably the biggest one. Supposedly Shanahan had tipped the refs off to watch out for interference and sure enough Madden moved into Shanahan after the Rangers lost the draw. Buffalo pulled this on the Rangers in last years playoff and it worked to their advantage. Not this time, the refs spotted it. The next call was a non-call with Betts clearly holding Paul Martin but no call. The final nail in the Devils coffin was a miscall by the linesman in calling a Devil icing. The call was nullified but the faceoff came out to center ice, that's the rule, instead of having it in the Ranger zone.

So the Rangers go up 2-0 in a very passionate hard fought game where they had a little bit of luck, but also where the Big Three of Jagr, Avery and Lundqvist all stepped up and stepped up big. This is where I came in. Game three Sunday night at the Garden. Be there.


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Ron Duguay posterRon Duguay is everywhere — pre-game, post-game, MSG, ESPN, you can't miss the former Rangers pretty boy. Before the Rangers game he was on ESPN radio offering his insights and analysis with ESPN's hockey guy, Don LaGreca. They were talking about the good old days in the late 1970's and early 80's when Duguay played and they mentioned the Sasson jeans ad that Duguay did with Phil Esposito.

Oh, La La SassoonThat jeans ad was the most famous thing Duguay did as a Ranger. He even signs some of his autographs with a "Oh, La La Sassoon." Though it appears Ron has mixed up the name of the hairdresser (Sassoon) with the name of the jeans maker (Sasson). Not surprising, given the fine coiffure that Ron still maintains.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube the Sasson ad is still around, though "Espo" would probably pay good money to see it destroyed.

The first Sasson ad was so popular they even did a sequel.

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  • Anonymous said...

    no disrespect, but "coach clueless" had nothing to do with the win? His system is paying big dividends and the team is playing it great, Let's Go Rangers!

  • mike said...

    anonymous-Disrespect is OK as long as it is clean. So far he has been ok. He has left Malik on the bench and that is greatness.

    And you are right. "Let's Go Rangers!"

  • XFactor said...

    great blog and insight. I'd love your insight over at