Monday, June 30, 2008

Tick-Tock: 3... 2... 1

Jaromir Jagr wants 2 years, Rangers say 1Larry Brooks updates on the Jagr negotiations. It's coming down to the start of NHL free agency (noon on July 1st) before we find out if "Captain Perimeter" stays. Is that one-year $6 million offer still on the table?

Every perimeter needs a center. But does every team need a $6 million dollar perimeter?

Larry Brooks / NY Post:
DOOR'S A-JAR TO KEEP JAGR -- THE Rangers' perfect 2008-09 world would feature Jaromir Jagr and Mats Sundin combining forces on the first line with Chris Drury moving to left wing to skate with Scott Gomez on the second unit.

It's anybody's guess why Glen Sather hasn't made the effort to communicate that vision to Jagr, who has every right to be miffed over what can politely be described as the GM's cavalier approach to the captain's impending free agency, but trust me, the Rangers will be giddy if they can retain Jagr and unite him with Sundin...

The issue is getting Jagr to buy in. Should Sundin go elsewhere, the Rangers are prepared to acquire a center to complement Jagr while moving Brandon Dubinsky into a third-line role. The idea is to have Jagr at his best, not merely to have him...
The NY Times added their two cents:

Jagr Wants to Stay a Ranger, but He Has a World of Options -- Jagr held a news conference last weekend in the Czech Republic, where he told reporters that he did not know what would happen. “I’m not bluffing,” Jagr said, according to several translations of his remarks. “One day it looks like I’ll play in Europe, another day in America. I have always believed it will end the best way possible.” ...
The Bleacher Report had this latest rumor:

Jaromir Jagr to Become a Leaf? -- With the free agent market opening in just a few days, there have been a lot of rumors about who is going where. For me to believe something that I have heard on TV, radio, or the Internet I need a lot of sources to tell basically the same story for me to believe it.

I have heard from several sources that Cliff Fletcher is talking to Rangers GM Glen Sather about trading Jaromir Jagr's rights to the Toronto Maple Leafs. It would give the Leafs a chance to possibly unload some of the players that they wanted, such as Bryan McCabe or Pavel Kubina.

In return, the Rangers would get something for Jagr instead of losing him to the open market.

It is also rumored that Jagr is thinking about retiring or going to play hockey in Russia, but those rumors have died down quite a bit over the last few days.
John Dellapina summarized the 2 year vs. 1 year Jagr impasse.

John Dellapina / NY Daily News:
Jaromir Jagr, Rangers still at odds -- Jaromir Jagr and the Rangers might be parting ways once free agency starts.

Two years at top dollar. That is Jaromir Jagr's price.

One year on a bonus-based contract. That is the Rangers' offer.

Each is grounded in the logic of hockey economics. Neither is unreasonable...
Steve Zipay at Newsday had the first report of a one-year $6 million offer for Jagr on the table.

Steve Zipay / Newsday:
Jagr not feeling the love from Rangers -- With the free-agent market set to open at noon Tuesday,

Jaromir Jagr said he wants to play in the NHL for two more years, but he remains unsure whether that will be with the Rangers, which increasingly seems unlikely. If no other NHL team steps up, playing in Russia remains an option...

Until Tuesday, only the Rangers can negotiate with Jagr, an unrestricted free agent, and a one-year, $6-million offer is believed to be on the table...
Doug Fischer at Blue Shirts on Broadway offered his opinion:

Jaromir Jagr-Currently out of the country on vacation, Jags and Sather appear to be on the same page which means that the Rangers captain should be returning for at least one more season.

Jagr, like Evgeni Malkin have been offered lucrative deals to play over in Europe but Jagr seems poised to stay in America, specifically New York.

Sean Avery- This does not look good at all, Sather has announced that that he will not even attempt to re-up Avery before July 1st. The one man we can’t afford to lose will hit the market because Avery and the Rangers are on the outs in terms of a new contract ($$$). Avery has asked for over $3.5 million per season.

Letting him go is a mistake because I can assure you that all 31 teams will be lining up to talk with him. BUT I can’t see another team giving Avery the dollar amount he asked for- which could give the Rangers a shot to get him at a cheaper price...

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  • blow-me-down said...

    "Holy Deadlines, Batman"
    Maybe the Bat Computer can figure all this out before the clock strikes, Bruce Wayne and that guy in tights always liked deadlines, much like the rest of us. Lots of opinions out there.
    I still think Jagr will be brought back, and it won't just be for one year. Not my hope, just my guess. If we go by Larry Brooks' accuracy, if I believe everything I read, he got it right last year about Drury and Gomez about to be signed. If he is correct this year, it will be a mixed blessing...Avery back (thumbs up)...Jagr back (thumbs down.
    Can't wait til high noon.

  • The Dark Ranger said...

    This is all so terribly exciting!!!!!


  • blow-me-down said...

    Like Blueshirt Bulletin says, it's a high stakes game of chicken. It's already been going on for weeks and who knows when the dominoes start falling. Thinkin' about the alleged 'big surprise' mentioned by Zipay

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down- Holy Free Agency Robin!

    Jagr back, Yes!

    Avery back, Not!

    Do not forsake me..........

  • mike said...

    TDR-Morr exciting than my two eighty year old Grandfathers playing checkers.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-What came first? The chicken or the Stealth GM!

  • blow-me-down said...

    mike - yes
    (that's how I answer all questions!)

  • blow-me-down said...

    I'm thinking about d-men. Big questions about forwards are still to be answered, but in the meantime Campbell and Commodore are off the table (glad we did not spring for Campbell). Redden seems like a likely target.

  • blow-me-down said...

    How did I forget about Orpik? Silly me, that's that crease-clearing guy. Let's get him and one o'them thar' other guys.

  • jb said...


    Right on, Redden it is. But, Rozsival is coming back too. A red-rosy or rosy-red combo.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Good one JB. That is probably gonna come up once they get paired on the powerplay. I hope you get royalties!