Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hasta La Rangers

I know it doesn't make any sense but neither does the news that the Rangers are giving Petr Nedved a trial to make the team. I was wondering if Theo Fleurry was far behind but then jb got it all straight with the announcement that Theo is now into baseball. I always thought that the guy was a little batty.

We don't get a big moose on the blue line that can hit and clear the crease. No. We don't get a big moose up front who can charge the nets. No. We don't get a strong checker to take the place of the lost Avery and Hollweg. No. But we get an over the hill aging vet who doesn't go to the net. Doesn't check. Can't clear the crease. Wonderful.

We get an over the hill center who will surely take up ice time that may go to an Anisimov or Prucha or Korpikoski or any young prospect. The Rangers have Gomez, Drury, Dubunsky, Betts and Fritsche as starters for the center positions. Now add Nedved. Oh, if Nedved makes it we can always use Drury at the wing. Where have we seen that before? Last year we played Russian Roulette with Gomez and Drury seeing who would match up with Jagr. The best combo was Jagr-Dubinsky-Avery. Clueless didn't like that because along with the Stealth they were unhappy with Avery getting the spotlight.

So we broke up that wonderful group so that Straka could get on with Jagr. The Czechs are a wierd group. They go around in twos on the ice. But don't worry Prucha is still around. Hey, that may be good news where Prucha finally gets some playing time under clueless. This could happen as the Rangers open the season in the Czech Republic. How would it look if we opened without an established Czech star. Well anyway, we will have Nedved.

But I am heading for a family outing in Mexico to celebrate the wedding ogf number two son. Last year Italy. This year Mexico. Maybe next year we will hit the Czech Republic. Anyway, Hasta La Vista, baby and we will see you all when I return. Adios Amigos!

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  • jb said...

    I think the fact that Renney is allowing Nedved to come into camp and waste everyone's time is an example of how he kowtows to Sather. Everyone I've read says Nedved has no chance of making the team.

    It's the kind of sideshow that they don't need as they attempt to get their act together. If Renney had any backbone, he tell Sather and Nedved that he's already got a plan and it doesn't need an "over the hill center."

    Renney just won't say no to Sather and that's why he's been here five years. Sather says jump, and Renney says how high.

  • section 335 said...

    Prucha-Nedved-Sjostrom is what they are going to try, I suspect. To my mind, this is another example of Renney and Sather going for a soft-safe little up or downside player instead of taking a risk on developing young talent. At 36, I am sure Nedved can log a few minutes without much of a positive or negative plus/minus. Why bother?

  • section 335 said...

    One more comment.

    Last year at this time, I suggested we should sign Michael Peca for a million bucks when he came to Sather and asked for a job. He was not even given a shot, but has become the third leading scorer on the Jackets, with 34 points in 65 games, is now the alternate captain of the team, and still has shut down defensive abilities. Looking at Nedved and passing on Peca - what a joke.

  • mike said...

    jb-What a combo. The Duo Of Darkness!

  • mike said...

    section 335-Ice time for Nedved, the bench for Prucha. The genius Stealth who "masterminded" those great Edmonton teams and came to the big city with an attitude is one totally inept idiot.

  • section 335 said...

    Mike, here ya go - Jagr and Cherepanov played their first game in Russia with Omsk. Jagr had two assists. Cherry had the hat trick. Imagine if they were here. This is the translation of the Cherry interview. Very interesting.


    During a conversation with a correspondent for "SE" author het-trick in the gate Slovak team Alexei Cherepanov did not conceal his joy. -- To be honest, today I very much like to forget, but I do not think that I can do het-trick - told omichey offense. - -- But if it were not partners, this success not be achieved. -- Viewers hoping to see the head of Yagra degrees, and you become the hero of the meeting. - -- Jaromir yet their scores. - -- Your link was the best at the site. What can explain such an understanding? - -- With Sasha Popov and Anton Kuryanovym we are playing together for the third year. During this time, everyone has to explore each other's style of game, and hence such an understanding. - -- You're not surprised that you play in the first level, and Yagr - in the second? -. -- Determines the composition of the coach. Maybe this is a tactical idea? Но, But if honest, I do not care, what level of play. Main hammer and bring maximum benefit to the team. - -- Last season, you have repeatedly said that Yagr - your idol and dreamed of playing with him in one team. Сегодня ваша мечта сбылась... Today is your dream come ... -- You can not even provide what I now - Dream a dream, but at the same time, I even could not imagine that we will play together for the Omsk club! - -- Maybe now waiting for the moment to play with him at one point? - -- I think, and this might! Anyway, now score with a dream transfer Yagra. - -- Autograph Czechs have been able to take? - -- Not yet, but the entire season yet to come. - -- Most communicate with him? - -- Yes, sometimes inquired about his NHL. Jaromir knows that there invited me, and once said: "You want to play in the NHL - more trains." После After these words I began to work even harder. By the way, after each workout Jaromir further with me is: shows any receptions, tells how and what must still work. So it is one of my coaches. - -- They say that his departure for NHL you have postponed largely because of the fact that the "Vanguard" came Yagr ... -- My contract with Avangard operates another year, so that no departure and I did not think. And when learned that in Omsk will play my idol, generally on the NHL at the time forgot. - -- How do I think this composition "Vanguard" will be able to reclaim WBA title? . -- We have an excellent team, and we all will try to make sure that the team has achieved the highest result. Arriving Yagra should give us, young children, even more confidence.Let's look at Yaromira and learn.

  • jb said...

    Not many 19 year olds like Alexei Andreyevich 'Cherry' Cherepanov have their own Wikipedia page. Also nicknamed the Siberian Express this kid has a very bright future. This might be the one player the KHL does everything it can to keep him in Russia. The home grown 'Joe Namath' type superstar for the new league that will let them challenge the NHL.

    The Jagr-Cherry combo sounds like its off to a great start.

    I could see a Russian oil-billionaire signing 'Cherry' to some sort of personal service contract to keep him in Russia and playing for the KHL. His endorsements and commercial prospects would have to be much greater in Russia than in the NHL, especially if he doesn't speak English.

    There will be a tipping point soon. And it's already happening to a degree with several players sliding East.

  • Anonymous said...

    People, Jagr & Cherepanov aren't even playing on the same line, they're both right-wingers, and they play on different lines. There is no "Jagr-Cherepanov" combo. Please, do your homework.

    Pundit, what about Voros? He was signed with the intent of replacing the lost energy/checking of Avery/Hollweg, and if you read his comments (now posted on BB), it sure sounds like the Rangers plan to use him as they used Avery.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-There is no book on Voros. He is an unknown, a minor leaguer with limited skills and a potential for about 5 minutes of ice time a night, maybe.

  • Anonymous said...

    Mike, is that why he had 7 goals and 7 assists and at times played on a line with Gaborik & Demitra last year?

  • mike said...

    anonymous-Voros is 27 years old, has played professional hockey for 9 years and has only played 55 games in the NHL. To me, and I may be wrong, that is a minor league career. To compare him to Sean Avery is absolutely rediculous. He was probably on that line for protection, which is not a bad idea.