Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Go for Go Go Gomez?

Big buzzing in the blogosphere about Scotty Gomez possibly being traded so the Rangers can make salary cap room for Mats Sundin.

It seems like a 'pink is the new hockey' rumor monger named Eklund over at Hockey Buzz set off this latest round of speculation. You can tell everyone is getting itchy to get this season started, because everyone is ready to pounce on any morsel of hockey meat.

Greg Wyshynski over at Yahoo Sports nicely summarized the feeding frenzy: How the Rangers trading Gomez went from 'imminent' to idiotic --

A hockey rumor "blogger," whose hit-to-miss ratio rivals that of a visually impaired Imperial stormtrooper, reported that the New York Rangers are going to trade center Scott Gomez in order to open up cap space to sign free agent Mats Sundin. The Vancouver Canucks were named as the likely destination.

This naturally sent places like the HF Boards into a speculative tizzy, because really why else would they exist? (Well, besides potentially being the original source for the Gomez-to-Vancouver rumor, that is.) Around the same time, Greg Caggiano, a writer for the open-source sports blogging community The Bleacher Report, penned a post with this breathless headline: "Scott Gomez Deal Imminent: Los Angeles, Vancouver, Minnesota Destinations."

This created a cottage industry of Gomez speculation on that blogging network, from debating Sundin's contributions to the Rangers with Gomez's to potential deals involving Gomez around the NHL. (Our favorite: Scott Gomez and Michal Roszival to Minnesota for Marian Gaborik and Kurtis Foster. Because, you know, Gomez really, really, really loved playing in the Devils' defensive system. Uh-huh.) The Bleacher Report coverage soon spread to sites like The Dark Ranger for further rumor dispersal...

Eric over at 5-Hole also dissects the rumor mill.
Gomez trade in the works? --
Greg Caggiano at Bleacher Report had this defense of getting caught up in the craziness: Following Scott Gomez Trade Possibility, Remember, Rumors Are Rumors -- and conceded...
It seems that there is in fact no Scott Gomez deal on the table... Will Scott Gomez be traded? The answer is no...
This is all water off a duck over here for Mike, The Ranger Pundit, whose cottage industry right now is grilling and chilling as summer comes to an end. No need to get worked into a tizz over ifs and buts until 'Tomato Face' shows us his hole cards for the coming season.

But, Mr. Tomato will be quickly thrown on the grill if he swaps his Ace for a Jack.

Anyone for a game of volleyball?


Before summer is gone let's focus on the important.

Please remind us again why the Rangers don't have Ice Girls? The Knicks have the Knicks City Dancers. So why are the Rangers discriminating against having women on the ice? It seems very unfair and un-American. They are depriving some young women of an opportunity to showcase their talents. It's all show business these days so don't mumble something about tradition.

Speaking of showcasing some talent. Here's a suggestion: if you're looking for a summer sport to fill in your hockey downtime, check out women's beach volleyball.

How would the women's beach volleyball TV ratings have stacked up against the NHL's ratings? We probably don't want to know. In China more people may have watched the women's beach volleyball finals, U.S. vs. China, than live in this country - big numbers. Do you think the KHL wants a team in Beijing?

Even President Bush wanted to bump some volleyballs with the ladies. Has Mr. Bush ever taken a slap shot?

It's a sad state of affairs when the Chinese put on a better show during downtime at a sporting event than the Rangers.

George Bush bumps the volleyball with Misty May at the Beijing Olympics
photos of cheerleaders at beach volleyball in Beijingcheerleaders at beach volleyball in Beijing

Brazil's Larissa França signals during a women's beach volleyball gameBrazil's Larissa França signals during a women's beach volleyball game
against Russia at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    WELCOME TO THE OFF-OFF-OFF SEASON OF 2008! Hockey rumors, bikinis, lame duck Presidents, and EKLUND! Ugh.


  • Anthony said...

    Um, why don't the Rangers have Ice Girls? Have we all forgotten already?

    MSG Settles Rangers Cheerleader Suit

    Apparently the MSG brass can't handle being around scantily clad women.

  • jb said...


    At least none of the Rangers have to worry about getting a bikini wax now that Mr. Avery has left.

    p.s. Sean we really love and miss you.

    thanks anthony,

    For identifying the crux of the problem: MSG management's peevish propensities and perverse proclivities.

    I guess we should be thankful for this type of between period entertainment at the Garden:

    "My favorite moment this year was in-between periods when two teams of kids (age 6) played a short game. One of the kids made a great move, the goalie fell down (leaving an open net) but the shot rang off the post. Some drunken slob in a suit sitting in the row behind me yelled out, 'You suck!' and started to boo. Classy, huh?"

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