Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alexei Cherepanov — R.I.P.

Alexi CherepanovThe Rangers had a stirring victory at the Garden last night but the death of the young Russian prospect, Alexei Cherepanov, cast a pall on the event. A young life snuffed out is a tragedy regardless of the person's position or status. Our prayers and sincere condolences go out to the family of this young man. May he rest in peace.

The game? It turned into competing chants of "Hen-reek" and "Marty". Marty lost. In fact, since the kid from Sweden showed up Marty hasn't been doing too good against the Rangers. Henrik is 13-2-4 against the Whiner since entering the NHL. Coming off of last years 1-7 record against the Rangers in the regular season and 1-4 in the playoffs it is no wonder that Lamoriello, Sutter and Marty are happy there are only six regular meetings this year.

Marty may be happy that Avery is gone but a new agitator has stepped in to take The Grate One's place and his name is Aaron Voros. In 13 minutes of ice time Voros scored two goals, in front of Marty, had an assist, dished out two hits and got two penalties. He now has three goals and four assists this year. Of course Dubinsky was in the middle of everything with a goal, two assists and two hits. He made an unselfish pass to Callahan for an empty netter and his Dick Wakefield knuckler totally fooled Marty who waved at it like he was calling a cab. Dubinsky, like Voros, now has seven points which are team leading.

Of course Henrik Lundqvist was the number two star. He had 26 saves and had to be good during the second period where the Rangers spent most of the time backpedalling. All in all a great victory that somehow had the starch taken out of it by the unexpected passing of a young man with a promising future.

Rest in peace Alexei Cherepanov.

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  • Section 335 said...


    He was special.

  • jb said...

    The outpouring of sympathy from the hockey world was notable.

  • blueknight5754 said...


    I know that this is a bad time to ask..but I am curious will the nhl compensate the rangers in the next draft in any way shape or form? Please do not misunderstand I am saddened by the events but the question sticks out in my mind.


  • jb said...


    I imagine the NHL wouldn't compensate the Rangers due to some "act of nature" provision in their rules.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Renney has said that he always felt in good hands during the days he spent with Canadian teams overseas, whether the former USSR of Europe proper. I believe him, but I do wonder what is actually known about the risk.
    Remarks such as Renney's shed absolutely no light on what people are concerned about. Even if Alexei could not have been saved, it says volumes about the bush-league attitude of the KHL, which is pretty well what I suspected anyway. And I will stand by this, they do appear to be bush-league.

  • JH29 said...

    The Cherepanov and Bourdon accidents are tragic, for their families and the NHL. The question is whether these accidents can be prevented in the future. Maybe better testing on the NHL's part for the Cherepanov situation and educating the players (youngsters) on dangerous activities such as motorcycle etc... Just seems like more should/can be done to prevent tragedies like these from occuring in the future.... and it is ridiculous how the Rangers are seeking another pick to replace Cherepanov. My thoughts. http://jib-sports-culture.blogspot.com/2008/11/tragedy-for-promising-rookies.html