Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hosed In Hockey Town

Yes, I know that clueless and the drive-by's thought it was a good call, but give me a break. The call was a home town special. Ask yourself the question. Would the refs make that call against the Wings in Detroit? No way baby, no way. Originally I thought it might be a stupid call from the bench. However, after watching the replay it was an obvious bad home town call. Korpikoski was at the door, trying to open it and wasn't even in the play. You're in the third period in a one goal game you don't make that call. It no way figured into the play.

Years ago the third periods were virtually penalty free especially in a big game. The nonsense calls were not called. The old adage was "Let boys be boys." Flagrant penalties were called but not these stupid too many men on the ice when one can't get off because of a stuck door. Notice it is always the visiting teams that have the stuck doors. Maybe the visiting team should start bringing WD-40 with them and start spraying the doors.

The Rangers played an outstanding game. At least most of them did. Drury for some reason seems to be lost. No matter where they put him there is a problem. However, I'm not worried about Drury as I believe he is too good a player and will turn it around. Naslund is another story. I was never pleased with the signing and I hope that I am wrong and he becomes the big scorer we need. However, he is 35 and I believe that he is on the downside of his career. About him I am worried. If this keeps up the Stealth GM is going to have to go out and get Mats Sundin.

The other problem that seems to becoming worse is the defensive duo of Redden and Rozsival. It was never more apparent then last night's overtime when Redden was toasted and for some inexplicable reason Rozsival planted himself firmly in front of Lundqvist, basically screening him for the game winning goal. There were Red Wings to pick up but he didn't do it. Add to this his constant mishandling of the puck and you have a defenseman who does not belong on the first pairing.

The good news was the play of the other lines. Gomez, centering Dawes and Callahan, who both scored, played brilliantly. The fourth line of Betts, Orr and Sjostrom was strong the entire game and the Dubinsky, Voros, Zherdev was good again with Voros scoring two goals. Alas, they weren't strong or good enough to beat the defensive dynamic duo and the stupid refs.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Consistency in officiating is all I've ever wanted. It bugs me seeing the zebraes playing a game within a game.

    I agree that Drury is going to find his way out of the wilderness, this isn't the real Chris we are seeing. I'm genuinely surprised about Naslund, maybe I was wearing rose coloured glasses. He isn't even part of the play, and that is very worrisome.

    Roszival's frozen statue act was a major gaffe, what was(n't)he thinking.

    I hope that Staal continues using his offensive abilities while not becoming a defensive liability. He's steadily been extending his game that way. Having a reliable partner to cover for you helps immeasurably.

    I've read rumours (nothing more than that) about some type of player transaction coming up very soon. I like rumours, though.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-I firmly believe that sooner rather than later we will see a move and it will be a player whose name begins with an 'S'.