Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ranger$ Dollar$ and $ense + Hockey Hair

Colton Orr: The best hockey fighter for the buck in the NHLForbes gets it right. The best hockey fighter for the buck is Colton Orr. Add to that, the fact, that this season he can also play some hockey. Hope the better skating doesn't take away from his fight game.

Peter J. Schwartz / Forbes:
Best Hockey Fighters For The Buck --
To determine the best fighters for the buck, we compared player fighting stats since the start of the 2006-07 season to their pay last year. Since a game's momentum usually swings to the team whose player prevails in a fight, we awarded a bonus for each win and subtracted points for each loss, as determined by fan voting at, an online Mecca for pugilism at the rink...
The best fighter for the money is Colton Orr of the New York Rangers. Orr fought 34 times during the past two seasons (the most in the Eastern Conference), winning 21 of them (tops in the NHL). His $525,000 salary last year was only $50,000 above the league minimum, 9% less than the average of other enforcers who have qualified for restricted free agency....
Forbes also reports that the Rangers are the second most valuable NHL franchise after the Toronto Maple Leafs. Forbes says the Maple Leafs are worth $448 million and the Rangers are worth $411 million.

The Business Of Hockey --
The 2007-08 season was the National Hockey League's most successful since Forbes began tracking team values 10 years ago.

Fueled by higher ticket prices and a stronger Canadian dollar, revenue increased 13%, to an average of $92 million per team, while operating income (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) rose 48%, to $4.7 million per team...
#1 Toronto Maple Leafs - Current Value: $448 mil
#2 New York Rangers - Current Value: $411 mil
#3 Montreal Canadiens - Current Value: $334 mil
#10 New Jersey Devils - Current Value: $222 mil
#29 New York Islanders - Current Value: $154 mil

New York Rangers - Current Team Value: $411 milThe New York Rangers are owned by Cablevision Systems, who bought them in 1997 for $195 million ...
The value of the Rangers continues to surge as they have once again become a perennial playoff team and dominate the metropolitan hockey market, despite the New Jersey Devils' new building across the Hudson River.
Cablevision stock closed today up $.30 to $15.74 a share giving the firm a market cap. value of $4.67 billion. Therefore if you own a share of Cablevision today, about 8.8% of that, or $1.38, is your piece of the NY Rangers.
Brendan Shanahan has come to his $enses and decided to move on. Larry Brooks of the NY Post reports, SHANAHAN WON'T WAIT FOR RANGERS:
The waiting is over. And so, too, is Brendan Shanahan's career as a Ranger.

The 39-year-old unsigned right wing who'd been advised for months by GM Glen Sather to "sit tight" in anticipation of both a roster spot and salary-cap space opening up to create an avenue for his return to Broadway, Shanahan is no longer doing so...
When Rissmiller was waived and nothing else happened that must have been the cue?

The Mullet = Hockey hairA very well done homage to the mullet by the "Not Your Average Ice Girl," who is an Islanders fan, Wham! Bam! Hockey Glam!- The Mullet:
Ape drape, Beaver Paddle. Camero Cut. Canadian Ppassport. Kentucky Waterfall. Mudflap. Neckwarmer. Squirrel pelt. Tennessee tophat. And my personal favorite, Hockey Hair.

Yes, the mullet is a staple in hockey fashion. The flowing locks dancing in the breeze while the mullet aficionado swiftly skates up ice is a sight of beauty.

Notable NHL mullets...
Send yourself to the penalty box if you can't name at least three two great hockey mullets.

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  • Section 335 said...


    Ron Duguay
    Marty McSorley
    J Jagr
    Ryan Smyth
    Mike Peluso

  • jb said...


    Yes, Ron Duguay at the top of the list.
    The Great One
    Tony Amonte

    Best super hockey fan mullet:
    Richard Dean Anderson (McGyver) - he's from Minneapolis, MN.

    ESPN also has a nice mullet photo gallery.

  • blow-me-down said...

    I can't think of any other than the ones named here. Duguay did have a great one, still has his I think(?)
    To me, Jagr's mullet was the penultimate mullet (say that fast a few times). It probably reduced his top speed when he was in full flight, but I thought he pretty much set the standard.
    There may need to be a 'mullet-off' to decide some of these.