Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rangers Hockey: 5 Things I Want to Know

#1 When will Chris Drury get off the schnide? He's "Keepin' the Faith," but he is "goal-less and he's almost assist-less. He's also at minus-five through nine games. That's the worst mark on the Rangers."

#2 Did Sean Avery really duck a fight with David Clarkson last night? The Beast of the East blog has all the News & Notes regarding the Devils - Stars game and what happened with The Grate One.

#3 Speaking of The Grate One, what exactly did he say about John Giannone's wife that sparked their verbal altercation after the game on Monday?

#4 Why does Matts Sundin have to go to L.A. to get his "on-ice" training? Can't he do that a little closer to home?

#5 Is Patrick Rissmiller going to be re-assigned to Hartford or not? This morning he still seems to be in limbo following his waiver.

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Funny about Sundin choosing Los Angeles for a conditioning stint, but I am sure there is some nebulous reason for it, or perhaps he just likes the weather.
    One thing I'm sure of is that his plan is progressing on schedule. He can gauge prospective suitors, and their potential, better now that a few weeks have gone by. I'm sure he wants to give his all to winning a Stanley Cup, and he might as well increase his odds of success.

  • jb said...

    Good point about Sundin taking his time to get a better lay of the land. He might be checking out LA for lots of other reasons: post-hockey career, nice weather, get to Vegas and CA poker rooms, etc.

    But, his fiance better go along or have someone keep an eye on him.

    For him going to a contender with a shot at the cup must be a big deal. Only thing he doesn't have. Since he got the Gold with Henrik in 2006.

    I remember Ray Bourque picking his spot and getting himself dealt to the Avs in 2000 for his chance at the cup.

  • blow-me-down said...

    The Ray Bourque thing was almost magical, nice to see dreams come true for some athletes who have more than paid their dues. I would rank Sundin in that category, I think.

    Reading around on the Rangers boards, it's funny how I have seen a few references to 'S', and I'm left guessing whether they are talking about Shanahan or Sundin. So many people want one of these guys, both of these guys, or neither of these guys.
    Maybe it's best to just forget all about this and focus on the team as is and improving with what is being dressed every night.

  • Section 335 said...

    I have focused on the team as it is, and it is lacking scoring. It is hard to win more than half of your games when you usually only score two goals.

    Add just one player who can score 30-35 goals to this team (adding about 20 goals to the 15 someone else would have scored) and you win five to ten games you would have lost. Those ten to twenty points make a team on the cusp a playoff team and a playoff team a contender.

    Adding Shanny, as much as I like him, is likely to just adds 5 goals. He is only good for 20 at this point in his career. Not enough to have a huge impact.

    This is one team that is not going to go anywhere unless we get, or someone already here becomes, a real scoring threat every shift.

  • jb said...

    Yeah, maybe they can find a line for Nik Z. by Christmas before worrying about adding an "S"

  • jfl1066 said...

    Watching Columbus game: Someone tell me again how the Rangers are better without Jagr?

  • blow-me-down said...


    I hear what you say, and I remember that you were saying the same thing during the summer. I had more of a wait and see attitude, but some of your concerns now look a lot more real. I was all for getting Sundin in the summer, but just figured that ain't happening. And unless Shanahan is a completely different physical entity from last year, I would pass.
    My stance was always "once the powerplay starts working" we'll replace those goals, and more. After those first Tampa games, I thought I was in heaven. Now, I grudgingly give some credence to teh "heavy schedule taking its toll" theory. Deep down, I still think it is the on-the-gas one period, off-the-gas next period behaviour again...infuriating when repeated too often.

    I still think Renney's very effective defensive strategy has an unwanted side effect - following it to the nth degree stifles creativity. I have felt this way for a couple of years now, and perhaps even more so now. As well, special teams (read powerplay) leaves so much to be desired. The players should just hold their own scrimmage somewhere and figure it out themselves, ignore whatever the coaches say.

    Where is the improvement?

  • blow-me-down said...

    Just started to watch the game on an internet feed, so can't comment on the first two periods.
    Regardless of any concerns about the team's build or shortcomings, I find the Jagr-less Rangers much more interesting, more fun to watch.

  • jb said...

    After seeing Nik Z. get a goal and two assist perhaps they should build a line around him instead of worrying about Drury. He's got a great touch, his linemates need to help with the D. Hopefully he becomes the "real scoring threat every shift."