Friday, October 31, 2008

The Z Man Does It Again

Z-Man, Nikolai Zherdev the new Zorro?The Z Man, Nikolai Zherdev, did it again last night. He saved the Rangers buns and threw a lot of excitement into a game that saw the high flying Blueshirts struggling against a terrible Atlanta Thrasher team. In fact, if Zherdev keeps this up I shall refer to him as Zorro. I don't know if any of you remember Zorro? It was a big movie in 1940 starring Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell. Who are these people Pundit? Actually the movie was "The Mark Of Zorro." Anyhow, Disney caught on to a good thing and made a Zorro TV series, starring a guy named Guy Williams. The premise was of a rich aristocrat during the day who turns into a crusader at night and saves some damsel in distress or some poor peon who was being abused by the wicked government. After he fleeced the bums, Zorro scrawled a 'Z' on their chests so they know who did them in.

Rumors have it that Zherdev can't sleep before a game. Do you think he is prowling the big bad streets of New York? Anyway, last night Zorro, oops Zherdev, left quite a few marks on the Thrasher defensemen and goalie Lehtonen, who I think played the best game he ever has in New York. Zherdev, er Zorro, had a goal (5) and an assist. His goal was a highlight film goal that will be shown many times on MSG, and why not? His goal gave the Rangers a 2-1 lead which they relinquished four minutes later. However about three minutes later The Z Man put on a show of coming around the net, forcing Lehtonen to be out of position, and finding Girardi with the game winning goal. What a show.

So naturally Zherdev was the number one star. Lundqvist naturally was the number two star, and naturally Prucha was benched again. And while the power play did score a goal, by Naslund, they were pathetic, especially on a five on three. So the clueless coach, who is pounding his chest because of the start, has no idea of how to fix a power play, has an error prone defense and continues to destroy the career of a fine young outstanding player. So tell me, Garden announcer apologists what a great coach we have. But why complain? The record is 10-2-1, an all time record for the opening month, and we are the number 1 team in the NHL.

Toe-to-Toe They Go --
While last night’s almost-full slate of games didn’t fulfill expectations in terms of quanity, the fights that took place yesterday were certainly quality stuff.

Thursday’s fight card was headlined by the fourth career meeting between Eric Boulton and Colton Orr during the opening minutes of Thrashers-Rangers. Orr was the more active combatant early on but Boulton came back with a string of counter-punches and the two continued to exchange blows in a long one...

Results /
Eric Boulton vs Colton Orr
Results - Who won?
Colton Orr -- 47.6%
Draw -- 31.7%
Eric Boulton -- 20.7%
From 208 votes with an average rating of 8.8

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  • wes said...

    Zherdev needs to stop worrying about setting up his teammates. He just needs to do his thing and his teammates can feast on his table scraps.

    Just like that pass through the crease that found Girardi's stick with the goalie down and out.

    It's better to have the puck on his stick and let him take a shot at the net rather than dish to someone who'll flub it.

  • mike said...

    wes-Right on. He should shoot any time he has an opportunity. The Rangers are loaded with flubbers.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Bench Roszival. Inexcusable, what a frigging idiot this guy is. I'll repeat this in the new posting tomorrow, but had to vent now. TWO SHORTHANDED GOALS!! ARE WE KIDDING OURSELVES??
    Can Sather see this through his cloud of cigar smoke?

  • blow-me-down said...

    sorry, I was so angry I just posted at any old link.

  • mike said...

    blow-me-down-Get angry. You have a right and the anger is justified at this mess that the Stealth has put together and clueles continues to man handle.