Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I learned a long time ago to be thankful for the little things. I am very thankful that I have survived three cancers, so far, and I live in a great country and I have a great family. Today is dinner at number two son's house with the usual suspects and we should have a lot of fun and I might add a lot of food.

The Rangers have a lot to be thankful also. Besides temporarily residing in the greatest country in the world they are all making a lot of money, some deservedly some not so. They should be especially thankful for Henrik Lundqvist, the number one reason this team is leading the East. They should be thankful there is a thing called the shootout, which has allowed the Rangers to thrive this year. They are 5-1 in shootouts and Henrik is 4-1.

The Bolts had tied the Rangers with less than a minute to go and after a scoreless OT that should have been it. But no. The NHL says we need a shootout because ties are a no no in the new NHL. So hail to the new NHL. Hail to the shootout. Most importantly, hail to Henrik Lundqvist.

I would like to wish all my readers and others in the blogosphere a Happy Thanksgiving. May it be a day of love and joy and health with you and your families and friends. Enjoy!

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  • pack of winstons said...

    Happy Thanksgiving Mike.

    Lundqvist is like Squanto, because he keeps feeding this starving bunch of Pilgrims wins in shootouts.

    When are they going to learn to grow their own victories?

    It looks like they should spend a quarter of their practice time on shootout moves since a quarter of their games end in one.

  • mike said...

    pack of winstons-I do believe they play for shootouts. And they pray for Lundqvist. So there is the plan. Play and pray!

  • Section 335 said...

    Once again, the Prince wins in a shootout. Once again, the team cannot keep a two goal lead. The reason is obvious. They cannot convert on the power play. They do not take any chances with a lead. If you have a lead, and only try to score on the power play, and that is not working, you will lose that lead.

    This team is scared of taking any risk with a lead. Blame the Coach.

    And, as to the last goal tonight in regulation we can thank Redden. What was he thinking????

  • jb said...

    Redden, Roszy, Girardi all looked bad.

    That 7th D-man will indeed be needed very soon now to shore up this group.

    They keep coasting on Henke's back, and the bad guys keep swarming in front of him with impunity.