Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can Clueless Now

It was an embarrassing evening for the Rangers last night as the Devils handed the Blueshirts their third straight loss of the season, 4-2. The Rangers were completely outplayed, out coached and outscored as the Devils broke their two game scoring drought. This team is now in serious trouble, they're on the down slide and coach clueless and the Stealth GM have no idea on how to fix it.

The Rangers were not ready to start the game. They took a stupid too many men on the ice penalty which the Devils cashed in on and then on a Ranger power play the Rangers gave up their eleventh short handed goal of the year. So the Rangers are down 2-0 and the Ranger fans are down, period, When you are not ready to start the game right there is one place to put the blame and that is right on the coaching staff.

Scott Clemmensen posted his second straight victory over the Rangers and stopped 31 shots, some spectacularly, but the Rangers really lack a big gun to take over a game. Scott Gomez and Chris Drury were AWOL at both ends of the ice. Redden was invisible. The $6 million dollar dud is going through the motions. Dawes (5) got a power play goal and Kalinin registered his first goal of the year. Lauri Korpikoski was probably the best player on the ice.

With a little over two minutes to go in the game and the Rangers down by two goals clueless sends out the fourth line. Defense to the end, even when you are down by two with two minutes to play. "Not playing defense is not an option." Petr Prucha sat out his 18th game in the last 20 while Aaron Voros and Fredrick Sjostrom continued to impersonate hockey players. Corey Potter handled himself well, got in a couple of good hits prompting number two son to remark that because of the hits he'll probably be back in Hartford tomorrow.

Clueless should be fired now before the season disappears in a cloud of dust. Lou Lamoriello would do it in a heartbeat. The problem is that the guy above him, the Stealth GM, should also be fired. After all it was he who spent money like a drunken sailor in Scully Square, buying such stalwarts as Redden, Kalinin, Rozsival, Voros, Frirsche and company. So now there is no money in cap space to get the players we need. So it's up to the absentee owner to pull the trigger. The trouble with that scenario is that the clown wouldn't know who to shoot and might get the wrong guy.

Now the rejuvenated Islanders led by the Ranger nemesis Ricky DiPietro come to the Garden on Monday and another embarrassing loss may even turn the apologists against coach clueless. Of course with our luck the Stealth will fire clueless and then take over the team himself. We all know where that path leads us to. Oblivion.

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  • jb said...

    Jagr and Shanahan don't look so bad now, after seeing Gomez and Drury stink the place up with their lack of effort and don't care attitude.

    We now get to see that these guys are not at all worth the $7mill per year they're getting. They've been given the team and they've abdicated their responsibilities.

    Renney's now at their mercy and it looks like our 'Stars' can't or won't play for him.